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Uganda, Prepare for an influx of your brothers and sisters from America, Lambert says as he shares historic letter



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Open letter to African Americans-Take the keys to Africa, your RIGHT.

My name is Charles N. Lambert and I am the leader of Africa’s first ever economic war for economic independence. I am the leader of this all-important economic war for Africa because I am the creator of Compassionate Capitalism, product of a combination of my belief in empathy driven innovations and the trap and reinvest philosophy I learnt from the history of the Black Wall Street in North Tulsa Oklahoma, USA (here is the video that explains Compassionate Capitalism https://vimeo.com/512424768

Africa is the only place on earth that is yet to apologize in any way for its role in your enslavement.  All the blames have been laid wrongly at the feet of those who took you as slaves ignoring those who sold, who caught, who betrayed and who profited in Africa from it. I believe that providence has destined for you to return to Africa and RULE over it primarily because of its role in your enslavement as well as the obvious lack of responsibility on the issue. Coincidentally, your former slave masters are all eager to hear of your return to the motherland. Return that will give you dignity, a home, a second citizenship, and pride of place among the citizens of the world (here is a video where I address you https://vimeo.com/453954631

The Economic War which I lead has divided Africa into 600 development jurisdictions. This division does not only help to eradicate the artificial and highly destructive Western Borders in Africa, making Africa One Nation but also provides opportunities to increase access to 28 basic human needs for 1.3 billion people inhabiting land mass bigger than Europe, China and the US combined. This increase in access to 28 basic human needs is implemented through the Compassionate Capitalism revolution by controlling the buying decisions of Africans through the revolutionary ‘’Investment Points” and ploughing proceeds of tens of billions of dollars into private sector driven empathy based solutions in housing, power, water, credit, IT, education, healthcare, waste management, security, mortgages, forgotten places, justice, periodic income, job creation, governance, vehicle ownership, food, emergency relief,  elderly care, student loans, gender equality, Internet access, communication infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, recreation, control of production process, investments portfolio and finally values inculcation and adherence (here is a video that explains the 600 jurisdictions https://vimeo.com/509869568

We rank each of the 600 jurisdictions, people wise and geographically in access to the 28 basic human needs and recommend solutions to those whose access is at a disadvantage. This solution is executed through the BWS/Redirect Mall platform and the 28 basic human need Apps which requires that 1,000 Black Wall Street staff will ensure that we maximize the opportunities available in each of the 600 jurisdictions we have divided Africa into. This has created immediate $40,000 per annum plus benefits; Africa based jobs known as “App Trainers” for 600,000 African Americans, the only people suited for the job being Africans who were raised in America and in better position to understand any of these.

Your tasks are multiple on the platform ranging from basic customer care to basic service provision and management/training of Africans in different categories. Ultimately, you will be trained by Practical Business Management Institute (PBMI) of E4D (A BWS listed corporation) to manage franchised business operations across interest industries covering the 28 basic human needs in your assigned jurisdiction (The variety of franchised business operations management training means you can never be out of work placing a very high value on your person). This helps to breed new corporate and business practises in Africa, reducing the gross inefficiency associated with Africa’s private sector, bringing returns to local investors and increase in Africa’s GDP. You will forever take the credit of being the ones who industrialized Africa. (Watch the video that explains use of franchised business operations to fast-track Africa’s development- https://vimeo.com/509869568

These 600 jurisdictions are coordinated from the Black Wall Street Community in Uganda (the Pearl of Africa). The only reason the Black Wall Street was burnt down is because you cannot raise the flag of the resistance on Western Soil. This is why we are resurrecting the Black Wall Street community 100 years after its destruction as the Economic Capital of Africa using its old tested recipe of Trap and Reinvest. Since this resurrection is happening June 2nd to 8th this year 2021, it is only wise to make it become the Job Confirmation ground for 600,000 African Americans (here is a video that explains Black Wall Street relationship with Africa https://vimeo.com/429003402

This awesome opportunity will fly you down to Africa, have you enjoy the Black Wall Street resurrection festivities, get confirmed on a job as well as fly you to your jurisdiction before beginning a new life of travels between the Black Wall Street headquarters, your jurisdiction and the United States all for you at NO SINGLE OUT OF POCKET COSTS.

The primary value of your new found interaction with Africa lies in your helping Africans make sense of this whole Western systems and processes. Your celebrity lies in your imparting of simple basic things you have learnt from the West to Africans in regards to technology and economy. The BWS Platform will therefore give you the tools to provisionally accept the opportunity, log into your dashboard and begin working making this impartation of knowledge through a business development formula we have created known as ABC which stands for Advertise, Broadcast and Coerce.

As you work online through the BWS platform, we will book your tickets; arrange your flights, visas, covid19 clearance, your arrival, reception, shelter, and welfare in attending the Resurrection of the Black Wall Street and visit of your assigned jurisdiction. You will also learn more about the construction of the 28 Skyscrapers new Black Wall Street community along the shores of Lake Victoria including how you will own one of its condos through this job and without recourse to your American credit status neither need for down payments.

You will get a clear understanding of Africa’s economic challenges as well as solutions by watching Economic War with Charles N. Lambert shows available for you through your dashboard on the BWS platform. Watching these shows and answering the quizzes is a high-level requirement as it helps guarantee that those working with us in this historical journey are not ignorant of the facts.

This is a door like no other. This is not an opportunity that will ever be heard again in the history of the world and you are only going to read stories about it in the media if you do not take advantage of this now. As long as you are a legal adult, we have no age restrictions, no gender restrictions, no social status restrictions, no professional restrictions, and no education restrictions in our desire to have 600,000 of our lost brothers and sisters come back to make Africa One Super Power Nation (here is a video of an UNRELATED African American youth calling on you to do the same https://vimeo.com/467697131 If you choose to sit on the fence towards this project, you are only letting the rest of the world get on another massacre of the resources of Africa and African people and this video will tell you nothing is exaggerated in this statement https://vimeo.com/467703815

I look forward to working with you through the BWS Platform, seeing you at the resurrection of the Black Wall Street Community and commissioning projects with you in your jurisdictions.

Let us continue the writing of history from the abolitionists to Abraham Lincoln, the civil war, the lessons of the 14th amendment oppositions, the civil rights movement, the failed integration via Brown and Board of Education and now to the GLORIOUS RETURN.

Kindly follow this link to the job landing page to create your free account and begin working as a BWS App Trainer. https://www.charleslambertcorridor.com/careers

Do this for justice. Do this for healing. Do this for Africa. Do this for the Race. Do this for our ancestors. Do this for the world.

Do this for the God of Abraham.

Africa first!

Yours in Leadership,

Charles N. Lambert.

Leader, Africa’s First Economic war For Economic independence.

Chairman, Black Wall Street (BWS).

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