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Uganda Airlines crew in bar, sex brawls



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By Reporter

Sofia Mashindano a.k.a Shirley Uganda Airlines cabin crew was involved in a nasty bar brawl at Riders in Entebbe recently despite a covid -19 ban on bars and entertainment centers further flouting curfew guidelines.

Sofia had a fist exchange with one Claire over a Nigerian Uganda Airlines instructor.

After she fought and used F…. k word on everyone in the bar, threatening them and telling them she has connections to State house! A word used by the suspended bosses at Uganda airlines to cause fear thus, impersonation. She drove off while very drank and angry knocked a pedestrian in Katabi before overturning her car . The car had been bought for her by a senior captain on the brand new Airbus which are soon hitting the skies but now at the airbase awaiting international certifications! Sofia was arrested and her car towed to Entebbe police station.

She was later bailed out by the same senior captain with the airline and with whom she is having endless siestas.

She is now nursing a broken leg and off the roster for at least three months.

Sofia has been having an affair with the Airbus captain for quite sometime now since Air Uganda days!

The affair even blossomed into a baby boy though the child is being claimed by a UPDF general.

Sofia is an ex socialite a.k.a Shirley but dropped the name after getting the job.

Uganda Airlines has of recent been in the media over corruption and mal-administration scandals and our insiders at the airline say this complexed web of sex has also not spared it.

Sex is seriously tearing the airline apart and you know how it is dangerous for the crew to bonk themselves,” the snoop said.

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