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Legal fraternity celebrates sacking of ‘Mr 30% Minister’



By Reporter

The business community and legal fraternity have hailed President Yoweri Museveni for standing firm and ‘eliminating’ dealers from his cabinet.

The President dropped 23 ministers and among them is ‘Mr 30%’ who earned himself from negotiating deals and walking with 30% commission of the money.

Those known to him say that Ugandans who failed to raise the required 30% wouldn’t be rendered service.

This minister is very conversant with the law and would use the same law to squeeze and exploit needy Uganda.

He is filthy rich, owns expansive skyscrapers in Kampala City, Western Uganda in his home district and in Mbarara.

He was several times named in scandals for grabbing properties in Kampala, but would use his influence to elude justice.

However, with news that he was axed, several top lawyers and businessmen/women took to social media to celebrate his sacking.

I wish His Excellency had done this long ago, we would be far but nevertheless, it has finally come and for us who have suffered are jubilating because imagine 30 per of Shs100 million. We hope we shall meet in the field with him” one lawyer posted in a Whatsup group.

The said minister is further said to have sidelined some people but had a few clique of others he was using to run his errands. The said minister is fairly young and has been around Kampala for sometimes.

Every single deal wouldn’t go past him without him demanding for a cut- with no regard for investors, youth starting up, foreigners supporting Ugandans- it was all for his pocket.

Some of the deals he made include shs 1.6b and $48,294 in the recent past.

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