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Top Ugandan Secrets Revealed By Sanyu FM Listeners



By Jacksaw Reech

I happened to listen to Sanyu FM today and I was just shocked at what I heard on the morning show; the show was about secrets and listeners were asked to send their secrets with an anonymous code. These are some of the secrets from listeners.

1. I blamed the maid and fired her for my daughter’s death but I was responsible for it.

2. I am sleeping with my pastor.

3. I spit in my bosses coffee every day.

4.I call my cousin to cook during the day so my husband may think I know how to cook but I don’t know how to cook. On weekends, I always insist we eat out.

5. I have 2 children but I have hidden from my husband the fact that I have had 12 abortions.

6. I slept with 3 men on Valentine’s day; one in the morning, another at midday and another at night and am HIV positive.

7. I found out my guy is gay and we are 5 days away from our wedding.

8. I have been using the school fees of my kids from my husband to please the house boy with new lingerie and support to his family.

8. I have been married for a while but have had sex with the house boy more than I have with my husband.

9. I have spent 9 years without having sex with my wife.

10. I have 3 kids but none is my husbands because I could never have wanted ugly ones.

11. I married my husband for money.

12. Am on my honey moon, but still longing to sleep with my ex.

13. My husband doesn’t know that I have another house which am using to cheat ¬†on him with most men at work.

14. Am getting married next week and am 3 weeks pregnant with my cousin’s baby.

15. Am married but sleeping with my wife’s mother.

16. I quit my job because I found I have cancer.

17. Am a Ugandan that has lied all my life that am an orphan and don’t have any house I call home but a slum.

18. I have a favourite child who I know is not my husband’s biological child.

19. Am 36 yet every one thinks am 26.

20. When am having sex, I envision my boss instead.


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