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Top 7 Apps to Study Art



By Staff Writer

Today, the Internet provides you access to everything. Thanks to it, there is no reason to visit libraries because we have eBooks, and no need to buy expensive football tickets because we can watch games at 22Bet. With these technologies, we don’t have to visit the Louvre to see Mona Lisa in detail — we can discern everything using one of these apps..

Art Quiz

Art Quiz is a quiz where you will test your knowledge of art by competing against other participants. Each category has several levels, and the questions are accompanied by interesting facts about the artists and their works. You can choose the thematic sections in which you are most knowledgeable. Or, alternatively, dive headfirst into the topics you’d like to understand while gaining knowledge in a game format.


Everyone knows that new habits work most effectively if you introduce them little by little every day. With art, this rule is easy to follow if you download DailyArt and then study classical and modern painting by reading short stories about paintings published in the app. You can set a push notification in the morning or evening to pleasantly start or end the day. At the same time, the excuse that it takes a lot of time will no longer be relevant: it is better to devote 10 minutes every day to art over a cup of tea or coffee than to constantly put it off for later.

Google Arts & Culture

With Google Arts & Culture you’ll stroll through virtual galleries looking at high-resolution exhibits, check out the world’s famous museums in virtual reality, and simply have fun turning your photos into works of art and finding portraits of people you look like. Over 2,000 institutions from different countries are available in the app. So you’ll learn more about other peoples’ culture and creativity from the comfort of your own home.

MoMA Art Lab

The New York Museum of Modern Art’s app is a virtual counterpart to the MoMA Art Lab space, a “lab” where kids can create their own digital masterpieces. In the app, too, you can create works based on the techniques of contemporary artists whose work is on display at MoMA, such as Scotsman Jim Lambie, who uses colorful duct tape. Each “task” is preceded by a brief description of the work of the artist whose technique it reproduces.

The educational component of the app is small, but the entertaining format of the Art Lab will certainly help enthuse children. However, parents will still have to develop their children’s interest later on.

Guess the Artist

Guess the Artist is both an intellectual game and a treasure trove of art information. Famous works from different historical eras and movements, from the Renaissance to Expressionism, are presented for study. You can first familiarize yourself with the paintings and their authors, and then move on to testing and consolidating your knowledge by guessing from the image the name of the masterpiece and the name of the artist who painted it.


The authors of Wikiart have assembled an impressive collection of art. They claim that the application contains information on two hundred and fifty thousand works by three thousand artists from more than a hundred countries. The plan is to cover the entire history of Earth’s art, from cave paintings to contemporary private collections. The project is run by volunteers, so it exists on donations and income from in-house advertising.

Art Authority

Arts & Culture is a collection of masterpieces of world art with brief descriptions. About 100,000 works by Western artists and sculptors are included in the application database, and all “exhibits” are accompanied by references from Wikipedia.

Art Authority’s unquestionable advantage is its user-friendly interface and pleasant design. The main screen is stylized as the wall of an art gallery, with images symbolizing different trends in art. Also, you can search by subject. For example, you can type “birds” in the field, and the program will give you all the available birdcountry images. There is also a “find similar” option, which allows you to expand your horizons and find new interesting artists.

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