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Top 5 Ugandan Musicians Addicted to TikTok



By Staff Writer

It’s not the typical life of a musician to stay confined in one place, but the lockdown hasn’t given them much of a choice. Artistes have had some adjusting to do.

Just like everyone else, they’ve had to put all their careers on halt and observe social distancing, but thanks to TikTok- an app that allows you make short creative videos, musicians can now keep busy while doing what they do best: entertaining their fans while having a bit of fun. Some musicians got carried away by all the fun and are now addicted to the app. Here’s a list of the top 5.

Spice is one of the top 5 artists that has embraced the app to the core. She one time uploaded a video of herself breaking down in tears while singing to her COVID- 19 song. Fans that had no clue about the app thought she was actually crying. Her parade was ruined when those that knew what she was doing outed her. The app that is popular all over the world among teens has not surely taken Ugandan celebrities too. Spice uses the username @spice_diana7. Go ahead and be part of her over 40,000 fans, you won’t regret it.


Energetic swag mama, Sheebah Karungi, didn’t allow sheebaholics to get bored during this lockdown. She jumped on the bandwagon as well giving fans the much-needed entertainment. With over 40,000 likes and 6000 fans she sure has put in much time in her TikTok account to make people fall in love with it. You can follow her for more and become a TikTok addict too.


Maureen Nantume’s TikTok videos are mood boosters. She has participated in some duos with fellow TikTok users which have yielded fun results. No one would have expected Maureen Nantume to be such a TikTok addict, but the things lockdown can do to someone are inexplicable. Follow her to be part of her 5000 strong following.


Vinka the boss Manja confessed she misses her job in a TikTok video that she posted on her Social Media platforms as she danced. The Swangz Ave singer has done a good job posting short creative videos on the app while remaining in touch with fans both old and new. Vinka has tried out almost everything there is to try out on the app and her close to 30,000 following attests to that. Follow her now here.


Bootilicious Winnie Nwagi is no stranger to being addicted to Social Media. If you follow her on any platform be it Snapchat or IG, you know that she loves to have a good time online despite what her haters say. The TikTok craze has not left her the same and if you are part of her 23,000 fan base, you know what we are talking about. It doesn’t come by surprise that she took the TikTok challenge on and therefore makes our list.

Other notable mentions are rapper MunG, Catherine Kusasira (Yes, she loves it like hell), Professor Big Eye, and many more.

This app may not be the ideal stage to perform on but it has helped musicians pass time and surely gotten them addicted.

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