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Top 10: Ways To Make Her Feel Special



The majority of women have a need to feel special and cared for, and nothing can impress a woman more than a guy who can make her feel special and treat her like the ultimate queen. Each guy has his own special way to make his woman feel special but there are certain techniques which work on almost all women, all the time. Here are 10 ways to show her what she means to you.

1. Give her massages
Give her a back rub or foot massage sometimes after she’s had a long day of work. She’ll appreciate it, and return the favor…

2. Give her genuine compliments
Every woman feels appreciated and special once she hears a real compliment from the guy she likes. Take the time to look at her and tell her how beautiful she is to you. Let her know how stunning she looked on your last date, or how sweet her voice sounds on the phone.

3. Do the little things
Be responsible and fulfill your duties as a man. Fix something around the house. Take out the trash, fix the clogged sink, and make breakfast-in-bed.

4. Listen
You may think that she loves to go rambling on an on about her thoughts, feelings, and opinions. However, the reason she’s so vocal with you is because she probably considers you as the number one person in the world whom she can trust. So when she talks, listen to her intently and don’t simply focus on what you think.

5. Never compare her to other women
Never, EVER compare your girlfriend with another woman. Period. Nothing else can ruin her day more  than being compared with another woman, since it makes her feel less important. So instead of telling her that she’s the best girlfriend in the world, tell her that she’s your one and only girl, because she really is.

6. Make sentimental gifts for her
There is nothing else in the world that can make a woman’s heart melt than receiving a sincere note from the man she loves. So, make her fall in love with you all over again by sending sweet and thoughtful messages, love songs, cards and some cute love letters just because. When you take the time to write her a note, no matter how short or simple it is, she will realize your efforts and dedication to making her feel loved–and she will appreciate you even more for it.

7. Always show her affection
Prove your love by holding her hand, giving her warm hugs, and looking at her in the eyes whenever you say “I love you”. Even when you are in public, you can still make her feel special by showing everyone that you’re proud to be with her with some PDA.

8. Be thoughtful and supportive
Some women are not very expressive of their feelings, so this requires you to be a bit more sensitive and thoughtful to tell the difference. If you think something is bothering her, do your best to cheer her up by giving her a little something that never fails to brighten up her day. Be supportive and let her know that no matter what, you will always be there for her.

9. Remember important dates and events
Remember important dates like birthdays, anniversaries and other milestones. These are all opportunities to show her how much she means to you.

10. Pay attention to her interests
Talking with your girlfriend about her interests will allow her see that you’re genuinely interested in knowing everything about her and her life. Remember what she likes and dislikes. She will be very impressed that you have been paying attention.

Source: datingfortodaysman.com

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