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According to the local media, Beyase Group as Chinese well-known machinery manufacturer firstly launches and boosts new type hammer mill in Uganda market at the end of September, 2015
Right now the lucky journalist- Anna Smiths is privileged to interview the executive director of Beyase-Mr. Henry.
J: Hello, Mr.Henry. Would please tell us the advantage of new type hammer mill compared to African or Chinese milling equipment? And why do you decide to firstly boost this type in Uganda Market?
Mr. Henry: At the beginning the hammer mill has been widely used in the daily life. This type is the latest improved model. It is fine in workmanship, high quality of material inside out, high efficiency and stability in grain processing compared to others.
The reason why we select Uganda Market is that the perfect flour processed by this type mill is quite suitable in this region meanwhile the low price is quite easily accepted by the general public. Most worthy of mention, this type is an ideal selection for the startups. It is not only the lowest investment but highly and quickly profitable return. For instance, we have some customers who purchased this type mill early several years ago, at first, they just belonged to a kind of family workshop production, Due to the hammer mill, they promptly get high profit and expand their business. Right now they are very successful entrepreneurs. They already have their own factory placing several maize mill processing lines. They have set a good example to all startups!

J:  Based on your saying, Can I say, this hammer mill is mainly used to process maize flour?
Mr. Henry: Correct. Well, it is not only used in maize processing but also in crushing any kind of grain and feedstuff. So it is also called ”Crusher” by insiders. In the application, new hammer mill is very convenient for users to exchange different sieves in size and produce different flour in grades which effectively satisfy consumers’ various requirements. By the way, the relevant cleaning system is also available. We can allocate for specific customers.
J: One more question, how do you plan on the marketing in Uganda Market?
Mr. Henry: Well, our equipment is on show online, the customers can find every details through our website. Warmly welcome the potential customers to consult all questions and we prefer to provide useful advice on this milling line. Meanwhile we decide to recruit agents in each specific region around Uganda. Welcome to join us as our agent and we guarantee to provide the highest pay policy to every agent.
J: I’m happy to hear that. I can say this action also provide many job opportunities to Ugandan. It has a quite positive effect on relieving the pressure of employment nowadays. Thanks, Henry. Hope Beyase Group is prosperous.
Mr. Henry: Thanks, Anna.
welcome to our website:www.beyase.org

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