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The legendary Mike Tyson



By Staff Writer

Mike Tyson is a character that needs no introduction. He is seen as one of the best boxers in the history of the sport. Punters can visit the platform 1xBet – top online betting Nigeria can be made on all kinds of Boxing competitions.

He has been quite controversial inside and outside of the ring. However, it is absolutely impossible to dismiss the incredible performances that he has delivered over the years. They have turned Tyson into an absolute boxing legend. The 1xBet Nigeria platform is a top online betting website to place wagers on the best boxers from all over the world.

Incredible achievements

Tyson showed very early in his career that he was destined for greatness. Due to his impressive physical size, he competed in the heavyweight category of boxing. All categories of this discipline offer exciting events, and the best place to wager on them is the https://www.1xbet.ng/en/live/ website.

For example, Tyson won his first fight when he was barely over 20 years and four months old. This makes him the youngest boxer ever to win a heavyweight title. But that’s not all, because over the years, he managed to keep many titles at the same time. Examples include the IBF, the WBC and the WBA ones. The 1xBet betting platform allows its members to make live wagers on all events that these instances can offer.

Recovering his place

As said in the beginning, Mike Tyson has had quite a few issues in his personal life. In fact, he served some jail time in the 1990s. However, after being released from prison, he immediately went on to reclaim his place. You can install 1xBet app iOS in order to start wagering on these highly exciting boxing events.

One of the most difficult achievements for a boxer is to reclaim a heavyweight championship. Actually, very few names have made such an achievement. Some of them are:

  • George Foreman;
  • Evander Holyfield;
  • Tim Witherspoon;
  • Muhammad Ali;
  • and Floyd Patterson.

Yet, Tyson did exactly that in 1996. The iOS app of the 1xBet platform can be installed quite easily, and it can be used for wagering whenever these titles are disputed.

Evander Holyfield is probably Mike Tyson’s biggest rival. In fact, there was quite an infamous incident where Tyson bit one of Holyfield’s ears off. Probably, the reason why Tyson did such a bizarre action was because he lost one of his titles to Holyfield.

In 2002, Tyson tried to recover one of his titles again. He faced Lennox Lewis. However, he was again unable to win the fight. Regardless of these events, Mike Tyson will continue to be one of the greatest but at the same time most controversial characters in boxing history.

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