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The Beginner’s Guide to SoundCloud



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Online streaming services aren’t new. There are innumerable ways to stream audio and music online, but SoundCloud has some advantages over the competition.

Founded in Berlin in 2007, SoundCloud has since expanded to an extensive app that encompasses a streaming service, a distribution platform and an online community. For musicians, it’s a great way to upload original music to share with your fans. For fans, it’s easy to keep tabs on your favorite artists and stream on continuous play. And increasingly more for other types of media, SoundCloud provides a way to stream embeddable audio pieces for news and sports media outlets.

There are three subscription levels to choose from with SoundCloud. With a free account, you are limited to 120 minutes of uploaded audio and can only see some of your stats. You can get more upload hours by paying for a Pro or Pro Unlimited account, which also come with more extensive analytics, as well as a Quiet Mode feature to hide comments and stats on your tracks.

Once you decide what’s best for you, getting started with SoundCloud is simple. Check out some of the best and most useful SoundCloud features below in our beginner’s guide.

Signing Up

Signing up for a SoundCloud account allows you to take full advantage of all of SoundCloud’s features, including customization and personalized statistics.

You can sign up through your Facebook or Google account, or just use your email address. Simply click on the “Sign up” button on the homepage.

Setting Up Your Profile

If you’re a musician, this is a crucial step to branding yourself. Click on the profile icon on the top navigation bar, and then click “Edit.” You can add links to your website, Facebook, Twitter, Last.fm, Songkick, Tumblr and more, and SoundCloud will directly link to them on your profile.

Uploading Tracks

Once your profile is all set, upload your songs by clicking “Upload” next to your avatar in the top navigation bar. With a free account, you can upload up to 120 minutes-worth of sounds.

Once you upload a song, verify the title, add a description and label your sound with tags to make it easily findable. Perhaps more importantly, you can add a buy link. Click on “More options” right above the “Save” button before you upload your track. Within these new options, you can paste a buy link into the given field and adjust the licensing and accessibility of your track.

Making a Playlist

Whether you’re organizing your own songs into an album or making a compilation of other songs, it’s easy to make a playlist in SoundCloud. Hover over a track and select the “Add to playlist” button to create a playlist and add your track.

Once you’ve made a list, head over to your profile page so you can edit the playlist. To edit, click on the playlist to go to its own page, then click on the pencil icon right beneath the waveform.

Now you can drag and drop the songs in your playlist to reorder them. You can also change the name of the playlist, change the permalink, add an image and edit tags. Fill in a description, which is HTML-capable, so you can, for example, drop in links to sites where users can purchase concert tickets.

Once you’re finished, you can listen to your playlist on continuous play without commercial breaks. SoundCloud also puts all of your songs into one waveform, and you can easily embed the entire playlist as one entity.

Sharing and Downloading Sounds

Did you hear a track you like? Click the “Share” button to link it out via Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, Pinterest or email. If you just need the SoundCloud link, you can even specify a start time.

The most useful sharing tool in SoundCloud, however, is the embed code. Simply copy and paste the HTML into your own post and you will have an embedded mini player.

You can also customize your player to change its color and size by clicking on the pencil icon next to the embed code. If you’re working specifically with WordPress, there is a unique SoundCloud shortcode for each track to make embedding easy.

Certain artists will also make their sounds downloadable. Simply click the download icon below the waveform to download the track.


Similar to other music services, SoundCloud allows you to stream your songs in the background while you change between different interfaces. This is a great feature, especially while you’re browsing through different tracks with the explore function. Just click on “Explore” on the left side of the top navigation bar.

The page aggregates tracks that are popular at the moment within the SoundCloud community. You can browse not only by musical genres (which aren’t extremely extensive), but you can also browse other media, such as newscasts and excerpts from audiobooks.

Following Other Users

Perhaps one of the best features of SoundCloud is its social network-like model. You can keep tabs on your favorite artists, record labels and news outlets as their posts fill your stream, just as a Twitter or Facebook feed would.

Once you’ve found posts that interest you, just click the “Follow” button on the user’s profile and you’ll see every track they post in your stream.

Social Networking and Interacting With Other Users

Now that you have a solid list of users in your stream, you can “like” tracks just as you would like a post on Facebook. You can also “repost” tracks, similar to a retweet on Twitter.

Another cool feature in SoundCloud is the ability to comment on a certain point in a track. Do you love the killer drum fill in the bridge of a song? Let the artist know by adding a comment at that exact point in the track.

Click in the “Write a comment” field under the waveform of a song. Your avatar will appear in the lower third of the waveform, which is greyed out for comments. Move your avatar to the point in the song on which you want to comment, type a note and then hit Enter. The comments will pop up as the song plays through so that a user can read them while those points in the track play.

Tracking Analytics

Easily track the play counts, downloads and interactions of your sounds via SoundCloud’s analytics. Click on the drop-down arrow next to your avatar in the top navigation bar and select Stats.

With a free account, you can see the number of plays you have on all your sounds, the number of downloads, the number of likes and the number of comments. There are also percent changes for each metric so you can gauge your tracks.

If you’re looking for more in-depth analytics, sign up for a Pro account to get referral sources and demographics of your audience.

Joining Groups

Groups are a handy way to stay in touch with an organization or stay on top of new artists within a certain genre. You can search for groups by clicking on the drop-down arrow next to your avatar in the top navigation bar and selecting “Groups,” or you can create your own.

Utilizing Apps

The apps page on SoundCloud provides an extensive directory of apps that work in conjunction with the service. From music production apps like Ableton to social sharing apps like Tumblr and IFTTT, you can get them straight from SoundCloud’s directory.

The recent addition of Instagram to SoundCloud allows you to upload pictures from your Instagram feed to use as playlist or album covers.

To do this, hover over the cover of your playlist or track and click on “Choose new image.” Connect your Instagram account with the button on the lower left to use your own original images for album art.

Source: Mashable

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Celebrity Gossip

Meet Beckie Johnz, a talent to reckon with



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By Reporter

Talented, Beautiful, Modest, these three words describe singer/songwriter Beckie Johnz perfectly. Born in Ethiopia and mostly grew up in Kenya and came to Australia in 2005 when she was 15 years old. In her early teens, Beckie grew up in a Christian family, whereby she went to church and was involved in a choir. Beckie looked up to her choir masters and even though she was shy as a child, this gave her the confidence to want to use her God given talent to pursue a career in the music industry. Beckie started singing at a very young age even though her family members weren’t supportive of her.

Up until when she arrived to Australia, Beckie always kept in the back of her mind that if she were to be presented the opportunity to pursue her passion that she would always take that chance.Growing up, Beckie has always been inspired by music legends such as Nyankol Mathiang Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, usher Raymond, Alicia Keys and Toni Braxton, Keysha cole as well as the Destiny childs. She says that “at a young age i used to sing while playing with my friends but as soon as I reached home I would stop because my cousins would make fun of me saying “you’re a girl you shouldn’t sing”. At the age of 13 Beckie started taking singing more serious, although she was a very shy child. Over the years she started to come out of her shell more by letting the music guide her. Johnz speaks alot on her insecurities as she grew up.

She experienced bullying from distant family members who put her down, furthermore affecting her self esteem. This experience is what eventually inspired Johnz to turn to music. Music became my therapy” states Johnz. It lifted me up and guided me through my painful and dark days, so this was my way of expressing myself”. Beckie studied music in high school without the knowledge of her mother,and over the years Beckie strengthened her vocal skills and paid her way through vocal coaching. Through her performances Beckie met with an artist and producer Marvelous under the label BMC that would work with her to present an awesome demo and help take her career to the next level. Through those musical relationships,Beckie was connected with the duo Mavelous B producer and recorded a mix tapes of “that could be us” by Maino and” nothin on you” by B.O.B ft Bruno Mars.

Beckie Johnz took a long break (5 years) from music due to personal issues that she was embarking on, however Beckie remembered how music made her feel and why she should continue to use her God given talent. She moved with her family to Melbourne, Australia in 2016 where the music is very versatile and undeniablely wide. She knew best to continue to do what lifted her soul up from the beginning ” I want to pave way for my young south Sudanese female up coming artists, who are afraid to rise up,simply because of the lack of support. I knew best to be a role model in the male dominant industry within our community. Beckie Johnz has released her first ever EP (Just the Beginning) and first music video now available on all music platforms. She is working on her first album date to be announced soon. Stay Tune!

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Celebrity Gossip

Fatboy returns to the airwaves



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By BigEyeUg Team

Former employee of 88.2 Sanyu FM, James Onen aka Fatboy is set to return on radio after almost two months of unemployment.

Fatboy was fired in June this year after reportedly masterminding a sit-down strike at the Kampala based ‘urban music station’.

This sent the radio management despairing for Fatboy’s quick replacement in the Sanyu FM Breakfast Club show and it’s perfect choice landed on comedian Patrick Salvado Idringi and RadioCity’s Miss Deedan.

The good news for Fatboy’s fans is that he has now new commitments with Reckless Radio.

His services will be in ‘The Fat Boy’ show airing from Monday to Friday, 6AM-10AM.

“The Fatboy Show” is a top quality 4-hour daily entertainment radio show hosted by James ‘Fatboy’ Onen, veteran radio presenter who for over two decades has been a dominant voice on morning prime time FM radio.

Joining him is Olive, a soft-spoken intellectual with a background in news, and the attitude of a soldier.

Reckless Radio is a Uganda-based digital radio station created by James ‘Fatboy’ Onen that aims to serve the needs of a growing class of media consumers who are looking for high quality radio content.

Congratulations FatBoy!

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Celebrity Gossip

Zahara Totto opens up on why her relationship with ‘Big Papa’ failed



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By BigEyeUg Team

Next Media, Zahara Totto is still mending a broken heart after breaking-up with Nigerian money bag, Don Solomon Ugwu aka Big Papa (Oga).

The ‘Uncut’ TV show host’s one-year affair with Don Solomon was confirmed done and dusted on Monday, 10th August after a bitter fight between the two lovers.

However, Zahara has since taken it to her Snap chat account spilling all the unbearable circumstances that sparked their misunderstandings.

The motor-mouthed TV presenter, narrates that all went wrong in her relationship when she found-out that boyfriend, Big Papa was sleeping around with other women.

She reveals that her efforts in resolving the issues together with hubby all ended in vain after he refuted all claims of cheating.

He instead continued sharing their bed with all kinds of city girls.

The mother-of-four also says Big Papa is disrespectful, non-developmental, adds no value to no one, among others, and that’s why she never regrets breaking-up with him.

Zahara further says she can’t take his behaviors anymore or stand him because he is disgusting.

Here is her statement in full;

Allow me tell you a short story. I have been busy working the anus decided to sleep with every slut who cares to open their legs to him thinking they will get rich from him! Such low thinking brains!

Am a one-man woman, and when I found out that’s the case I tried to talk to him so we solve things where it had gone wrong as I didn’t want the relationship to end! But the anus used that to his advantage to continue with his Ashawo behavior of sleeping with more sluts.

I was in Love cos we have been together for a year now! Didn’t want it to lose /

my man! But all in vain. The anus is disrespectful, non-developmental, adds no value to no one, etc.

He is threatening me right now for exposing is bleached jik pussy selling bitch who has worked so had to see that me and the anus separate. I can nolonger take it in anymore! I can’t stand him anymore! He disgusts me.

We will keep you posted.

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Audio: Crysto Panda drops new banger ‘Bino’



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By BigEyeUg Team

Multitalented personality, Kityamuwesi Herbert famously known as Crysto Panda is not stopping anytime soon when it comes to his music career. Although many had said that he landed a hit by chance, the Dance Party TV star has proved them wrong with another song.

Before we could digest his massive banger, ‘Kyoyina Omanya’ Panda has already added a new song ‘Bino’ to our menu.

‘Bino’ is roots from ‘Bino ebiluma abayaye’, one of the trending Luganda slangs to mean ‘what hurts people’.

In ‘Bino’, Crysto maintains his renown dancehall fusion style.

The song consists of pleasantly dazzling drums produced by Artin Pro (Axtra Nation studios).

This website has also learned from the artiste’s close friends that a high-budget video is underway within this month.

Listen to Bino by Crysto Panda here;

We will keep you posted.

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