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Susan Makula’s Former Hustlemate Pens Tearful Letter to Her



By Staff Writer

Dear Susan Nantaba Namakula,

I write to you as a friend.

Praise the Lord God Almighty?

I greet you with the Love of God.

When I joined Alpha FM in 2009- 2012 hosting Issues of the Heart program I found you there.
We had a Manager called Pr David Martin Ssebuguzi who really believed in us and wanted the best out of us.

He encouraged me greatly in my radio program Issues of the heart that ran Monday to Friday from 2pm to 3pm.

For three years each month and year by year he spoke to me about having live sessions because I was fearful. Until the third year when he literally pushed me and that is how the Ministry Beauty for Ashes was birthed when I launched the magazine in 2011.
I believe the Holy Spirit used him to help me birth live sessions.

Susan Pr David Martin taught you about management and production because he saw the best out of all of us and made you into the radio and TV personality you are today.
He invested a lot in you.
When he went to Salt FM he called you to join him because he had literally made you and believed in you.

With the love of God Susan the path your taking is not the right one.

It may appear glamorous but it’s just a camouflage my sister.
Chameleons change colour because of the environment in which they are in.
It may have a lovely colour now but soon the environment will display ashes and the chameleon will comply.

All that glitters is not gold.
Someone has loved, appreciated and tolerated her husband for 29years.
Susan its sad you’re being mentioned as a home wrecker and many names spoken.

It hurts me that you are the other person in the picture. This movie is about to end and you’re not the film star here. Film stars don’t die because it’s their movie.

Those applauding you will not be around when the down fall arrives. It will be heavy and non will give you a smooth landing.

David Martin always told us to close our ears to those applauding us that one day we shall be off the radio and it will be another person being applauded.

He told us to focus and be able to listen and learn in order to become better at our niche’s.

Susan that is not who you are. Sooner you will be out of the so called shine and nobody will want to know.
You’re a very hardworking lady and I believe you can attain the life you admire.

We all sin and come short of the glory of God am not perfect either.
That man is legally married don’t take advantage of what has happened in their marriage.

Please Susan come out please read the signs on the road side there is danger ahead, there is a deep pit.
Please read the stop sign posts 🚷

Your integrity is better than all that appears glamorous.
Everything long lasting, costly and fabulous has got a price tag attached it it.
So far that price tag costs 29 years of Marriage.

Above all I pray the Holy Spirit helps you make the right decision that will not be disastrous to you, your family and child.
Am praying for you Susan.

Stella Aza-Madia




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