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Kabuleeta is A Liar. Only Defending Bujingo because he used to sell Nsenene with Mbonye in the 90s – Critics



By Staff Writer

Following yesterday’s diatribe in which self-appointed man of God, Joseph Kabuleeta hit hard at Robert Kabushenga, a number of people are poking holes in his story.

According to Kabuleeta, Kabushenga is the king of scheming and backstabbing. Kabuleeta also hinted on the fact that Kabushenga could be impotent and that he has fought so hard to darken out his Gisu roots. All this Kabuleeta said it as he tried to link Kabushenga to a big agenda of fighting pentecostal churches. Kabuleeta was wondering how marital woes of a pastor would make national headlines.

BigEye has found out that Kabuleeta could be defending Bujingo because of his history with Prophet Mbonye. In the late 90s, Mbonye and Bujingo were more like business partners who used to transport nsenene from Masaka to Kampala.

Conrad Nkutu and Wafula Oguttu are some of the people that have nullified Kabuleeta’s version of events.

Nkutu writes;
“I do not know what problem Joseph Kabuleta has with Robert Kabushenga but I can confirm here that in respect of his above comments about me, the allegation against Robert Kabushenga is false.

I am very well informed about the said events and have long held the view that in one’s life journey, one should own the consequences of one’s decisions without throwing blame at other people.

I am surprised that Joseph Kabuleta has posted this injurious allegation after I sent him a message yesterday informing him it was false and requesting him not to publish it – and he acknowledged receipt of my message.”

Wafula Oguttu shared his own version;
“Perhaps you are a bit brutal to him.
We have It is true power and money corrupt some people .But I do not think Robert has reached that level . Besides, he is not the editor of the newspaper.
I first met him at night at New Vision on July 27 , 1992 . He was inserting, counting and loading newspapers as they came off the press . When the press stopped at some point , he came to greet me .
The New Vision was printing the maiden issue of The Monitor . I was the Editor in Chief of the new paper.
We talked a bit and he struck me as an intelligent ,progressive and down to earth young man.
More impressive to me was his positive attitude to work . Here was a law student at Makerere loading newspapers to eke a living . As an employer l loved that .
Soon Monitor started offering stiff competition to NV . So they suddenly stopped printing for us .
Without adequate notice .
We got a new printer, Art-crafts, owned by an Ethiopian.
I invited Robert Mukholi , now my friend ,and offered him a job of production supervisor. He gladly accepted .
After he graduated, we offered him the position of Legal and Admin Officer ,a job he did well .
Then NV headhunted him ,for his performance and more – industry and board secrets .
We felt betrayed. But understood the reason . NV had doubled his salary . Much later ,I too warned my friend Pike about the moves to oust him but with a soft landing .
Robert Mukholi became Robert Kabushenga when he was still with the Monitor after a reunion with his dad .
Mzee Kabushenga (R.I.P.)was then our Deputy Ambassador at the AU in Addis .”

Nkutu then chipped in to correct Oguttu’s version of events;
“Wafula Oguttu I hired Robert Kabushenga because he was a lawyer who loved the media. At Namasagali College where I was the student Minister of Information, Robert was my deputy. We listened to BBC, Radio Uganda and Voice Of America every day and produced a typewritten notice board newspaper called “The Riverside Review.”

We were both passionate about journalism as teenagers. That is why I recruited Robert.

We didn’t think he was senior enough at Monitor to access Board secrets and he can confirm that William and I never requested them of him.

He was hired principally to manage defamation on a preventive basis.

I never saw him do anything under handed and I’m most displeased that my name has been linked to a falsehood to attack him.”

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