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Stunts Celebs Pull Just Before A Release



jayzJay Z

In 2009, Jay Z announced that he wasn’t going to cut his hair until he finished recording The Blueprint 3. “When I make music, I normally don’t cut my hair,” he said.

Till now the trick works as anytime his hair grows a millimeter, the tabloids go on frenzy and start to speculate of the possibility of an upcoming album from the rap mogul.

Ray J

In April 2013, the singer and rapper Ray J unveiled the cover art of his album, which featured a blurred-out photo of his ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian on the beach.

This was after he released a controversial track, I hit it First, containing subliminal lines to Kanye West who is dating Kim Kardashian, Ray J’s ex-girlfriend.

Kanye West

For his latest album Yeezus, Kanye West concocted an insane marketing strategy that involved him projecting the music video for his new song, New Slaves, on the sides of 66 buildings scattered across the world.

And within just a few hours, he had everyone talking about his new album, which he later revealed would be called Yeezus.

50 cent

Since 50 Cent broke out with his Get Rich or Die Trying album, he has learnt the art of bullying and beefing always works to push rap music. He dissed Ja Rule and made him fall out of favour with many fans.

Get Rich or Die Trying went over to sale over eight million albums.

50 Cent kicked off the promo campaign for his sophomore album The Massacre by creating a massacre of his own by attacking every rapper in NYC; from Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Mobb Deep to Nas.

Tiger tees off

In March 2004, Tiger Woods was paid $1 million to play in the Dubai Desert Golf Classic. Organisers staged a media call to launch the tournament in which Woods practiced his tee-shot from the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, the world’s tallest free-standing hotel.

David Beckham’s hair

Considered as the world’s number one celebrity footballer, David Beckham has always played to the gallery. When not stepping out in sari or allowing the reality TV cameras into his home he makes sure that all the cameras remain on him and to be specific, his hair with a new haircut on each occasion.


In February 2008, shortly after he announced that he was going to call his ninth studio album N*****, Nas wore a T-shirt with the word on it while he walked the red carpet at the Grammy Awards.

His then wife, Kelis, also wore a jacket with the word on the back of it. The album’s title was later changed to Untitled, as Nas’ recording label wouldn’t release the album with the controversial racial slur title.

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