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Singles keep each other warm in the Big Brother Africa House



warmThe Chasemates have found an interesting way to keep the cold at bay. They have resorted to huddling up and bumping bodies.

After Sulu and Annabel’s Evictions, as well as Nando’s Disqualification on Sunday, the House has become bigger and much colder. The remaining Chasemates, who don’t have partners, have decided to band together to form a cold busting, singles sleeping team. Beds were pushed together to form one gigantic bed in the early hours of the morning as soon as the day’s activities were wrapped and sleep started knocking.

Dillish then strategically sandwiched herself snugly between Elikem and Melvin, whileCleo also joined the threesome on the far end of the bed. There were lots of giggles and flirting as the gang tried to get used to that many bodies in one bed. Dillish seemed to be enjoying herself the most and suggested that everyone hug each other.

“Let’s all hug each other because we’re all good friends,” the pretty Namibian playfully suggested. When Elikem asked what would happen if he accidentally rolled over Dillish at night, Dillish told him “I would have no problem at all. I would kiss you and Melvin because you are my sweeties,” she said, smooching the air dramatically.

Everyone was having a good time until the gang realised Bimp would be sleeping in the other room with the Chase’s resident lovebirds, Bengelo and Oneza. “Let’s invite Bimp. He’s probably lonely in the other room,” Cleo said. Dillish then quickly jumped out of bed and found Bimp doing his laundry in the bathroom and extended the invitation. Bimp accepted and just like that, the single Chasemates don’t have to contend with cold, lonely nights anymore. Are the Housemates playing with fire though? Could new connections spark up in the middle of the night while these frisky Chasemates attempt to keep each other warm?

BimpFeza and Oneal are up for possible Eviction this week. Vote here to keep your favourite Housemate in the game.

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