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Sheraton Hotel Kampala hosts a successful La Cubana Salsa Party



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La Cubana Salsa Party

By Our Reporter

Even a calendar bursting with other social activities could not deter Sheraton Kampala Hotel from hosting a successful La Cubana Salsa party on Saturday.

La Cubana Salsa Party is a celebration of South American Culture, music, and food, bringing revelers together for an ethnic-themed experience. One can expect to sample every flavor of dance — from the cha-cha to the salsa, and other Latino dances — as they enjoy Latino cuisines and drinks, including the world-famous mojito.

Sheraton Kampala General Manager, Jean-Phillippe Bittencourt said, “We are pleased to bring diverse cultures together, and this weekend we celebrated our Latino people with the La Cubana Salsa Party. This is a trip to South America without needing a visa. It’s a holistic experience from the food, drinks, and ambience to the music.

“With a team of specialists, catering services and enough space to ensure the event goes smoothly, our customers also had an exclusive selection of South American Cuisine and cocktails. We shall be hosting the La Cubana Salsa party every 2 months,” he added.

The Cuban Ambassador to Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi, Tania Perez Xiques — who was the Chief Guest articulated her delight at the event, sharing “I am so happy to be having a great moment with my Cuban people, it is a great pleasure that Sheraton Kampala Hotel is celebrating our culture. This is an opportunity to engage and build a stable relationship.

“Uganda is a beautiful nation and in 2024 we shall be celebrating our 60th Anniversary in our marriage with Uganda. I enjoy Ugandan Music, especially AfroBeats and it feels good to be in the pearl of Africa. Uganda has many commonalities with Cuba, for example, in the Tourism Sector, we have also the same historic relationship in the health sector”. She added.

The main performer of the day Kiiza Johnson who entertained the guests also in his comments said, “Such corporate events bring different people together who love culture regardless of their age to enjoy”

Many revelers were entertained, they enjoyed the music, cocktails and Sheraton Kampala Hotel will always be a home of events.

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