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Sheebaholics celebrate 10th anniversary



By BigEyeUg Team

Team No Sleep lead singer, Sheebah Karungi’s fans team ‘Sheebaholics’ are now 10years old.

According to Sheebah, her charming ‘Sheebaholics’ team sprout out in 2010 when she had just officially kicked off with her solo after making an exit from the popular obsessions music group.

This was also at the very time Sheebah had released her first single ‘Kunyenyeza’ and the majority of the public were hopeless of her career.

However, Sheebah was extremely brave as she maintained her hope and hard work even at the worst moments of her career.

With time, she proved her uniqueness in the music fraternity as her fanbase kept on escalating year after year until today when they are celebrating the journey together.

In a blissful mood, Sheebah took it to her social media and shared heartwarming words for her fans group.

Happy #10years Anniversary Sheebaholics. All this wouldn’t be possible without you, my lovers. Thank you for believing in me, understanding me, respecting my hard work, respecting my privacy, supporting me & always loving me. I love each & every one of you so much. GBU,” Sheebah Karungi stated in-part.

With no doubt, Sheebaholics are among the funkiest and most popular celebrity fan groups in the region for years now.

Sheebaholics have seen Sheebah and the entire Team No Sleep reach glory in the music business like; winning awards, scooping multi-million deals with brands, among others.

Controversially, Sheebah has overtime swiftly won battles against fellow artists because of the crucial pattern played by the Sheebaholics.

Happy 10th anniversary to the Sheebaholics!

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