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Sheebah Karungi: I am not the one in the trending s*x tape



By Staff Writer

Last night, a strange 5 second clip of a man and a woman doing the nasty showed up online. Questions were quickly shot on Social Media with people wondering if the woman in the video was celebrated musician Queen Sheebah.

Although Sheebah waited for the night to pass before she would respond, she tried to respond early enough before things would get out of hand.

According to Sheebah, the woman in the video showing off her behind as she is beinf massaged by a man looks like her but is not her.

Sheebah says that she loves her tattoos now more than ever because they have been able to save her. According to the Beera Nange singer, the woman in the video has no tattoo on the lower back like she does, yer Sheebah has a tattoo on the lower back.

‘I love my tattoos now more than ever,’ Sheebah remarked after seeing that this was the only evidence she had to prove to the world that she is not the woman in the video.

Meanwhile the woman in the video has been identified as Tanzanian socialite Mary Baddests. Her Instagram speaks volumes about her lifestyle and makes a case for the video that has been making rounds. Also, her hairstyle and body almost matches that of musician Sheebah hence the confusion.

We will keep you posted.

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