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Jeff Kiwa scared of Vinka, blocking all her new music.



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Jeff Kiwa

TNS manager Jeff Kiwanuka is not a happy man. Known for his controversial method of work, he is back at it again. Jeff Kiwa as commonly known is worried about new female singer Vinka from Swangz Avenue. From confidential sources, Jeff Kiwa is doing all he can to block Vinka’s music from going far as she is a threat to his signed singer Sheebah. Kiwa is said to have bought most of the potential hit songs from song writers that Vinka usually buys her music from. This is intended to create a vacuum for Vinka.

Furthermore Jeff Kiwa has paid some very prominent DJs and Mcs not to have Vinka’s music played and instead have Sheebah play more. Kiwa is known for this game. He has done the same before against Chameleone when he was sacked and moved to Goodlyfe and the same against Radio and Weasel when he left them to start TNS>


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