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‘Sex-crazed gorilla’ ruining couple’s marriage



49-year-old Rebone Mosala from Daveyton, Ekurhuleni, SA, says a magical, sex-crazed gorilla has sex with her and walks on the roof.

She and husband Kukies Mosala (52) said the creature has been tormenting them since they bought their house in 2003.

They say they didn’t listen to the previous owner’s advice.

“She told us to get a sangoma and cleanse the house before moving in,” said Rebone.

“But we told her we would be fine as we believed in God.”

Strange things apparently started happening and that made them to swallow their words.

One night, her seven-year-old son vanished while playing with her cellphone.

They searched the house in vain.

When they called the cellphone, it rang from a wardrobe in the main bedroom.

“My boy was terrified and foam was coming from his mouth,” said Rebone. The boy said something pulled him into the wardrobe.

Rebone said while praying in the bedroom, a gorilla with hairy hands grabbed her.

“I prayed harder, but it kept gripping me.”

Rebone screamed for help.

Kukies came running to his wife’s aid. She told Kukies that the creature hid in the wardrobe.

They searched the wardrobe but the creature wasn’t there.

An angry Kukies chopped the wardrobe to pieces.

Rebone said the creature has sex with her daily ever since.

A traditional healer offered to help the family for R5 000.

Source: Bulawayo24

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