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Fashion Tips: Flaunt your body with the Bandage Dress.



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By Gloria Haguma

Barbie 2The dress is the one thing that you will wear and have all the right curves in the right place, and held in the right way. This garment gives you a sexy and great silhouette look.

 The tick aspect about the bandage dress is that you don’t need to be a size ten to fit yourself into it. It’s made of stretchy material meaning, it has a wide range of size options.

It can do wonders for a body, making it look thinner, smaller or rounder in all the right places.

 The bandage dress comes in wide range of colours like sequin, gold, pink, green and so many others. One is rest assured to find something  that suits their body type and fashion sense as the dress comes in a  wide range of designs like the sleeveless, cut out, spaghetti bandage, strapless or even broad shouldered dress.

However, with the evolution in trends, one can also wear their bandage in a two piece cropped top and skirt look.

However, it is not the kind of dress you would wear to an important work  meeting or to work, but rather the one to rock a high-end social event,   fashion show or even  to the club. However, if you are the daring type, and opt to wear thee dress to work, and then ensure that it’s longer and preferably wear a blazer, jacket, or cardigan with it, to cover up.

 The other area to pay attention to is the accessories and shoes that one decides to wear with their bondage dress. Opt for neutral, black, grey, cream or beige colored shoes. Choose the color basing on the colour of your bandage dress. The accessories on the other hand should be more basic pieces. Pick out a few classy earrings and ring. Also opt for a statement clutch, to complete the look.

Do not over dose on the make-up. Keep it simple, as too much make up may end up ruining the whole look.

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