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“Seanice is Not My Type,” Says FAT BOY aka James Onen



Fat Boy

By Ian Ortega

The most popular Ugandan atheist may be one of Uganda’s oldest bachelors but he’s not about to soften his standards and date his fellow work-mate, Seanice Kacungira.

Over the week, rumour had it that the two were actually pushing out together but Fat Boy has come out to deny all this nonsense.

“More than a few people seem to want Seanice and I to be in a relationship. Sorry, but are you aware that both Seanice and I are seeing other people, and we’re happy with the people we have? At least I am. So you can forget it. Besides, she ain’t my type, and I am not her type either. (Although Melanie and I almost chawed – but that was in the early days… hehehe. I said almost, so don’t start rumours please. It didn’t happen.)”

Fat Boy also made it clear that they never had sex with Melanie though they were a few steps from the real action. However close friends tell us that they actually did have it, and it’s a secret between the two.

Well, to Seanice, you are not Fat Boy’s type, but some horny dude reading this feels you are his type.


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