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Sasha Brighton Hits Studio with Pallaso after quitting Herbert Shonga’s intoxicating Relationship



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By Ntambi Jimsal ; Female artists always face a lot of challenges in their journey of getting to the top of Music game .

Sasha Brighton Future In Music industry was so bright like her name before meeting City Casanova Mr. Herbert Shonga who has the money and he uses it as a trap to get female broke celebrities and Bar slay queens .

During Sasha’s time in The New Eagles production, her talent had started shining after releasing “Kambite Song “ . She managed to get fame and she became a target for angry sexual men . Start Boss Bigeye entered the bed race with the diva and after getting what he wanted , this new talented diva was dumped .

After few months, City Top Casanova Herbert Shonga took advantage of Sasha’s ignorance about the music, showbiz and entertainment industry. She came as a manager, turned into a boyfriend and the diva was promised earth and heaven.

Sasha ‘s Talent started fading after focusing On Shonga ‘s sweet Cassava and since the boss want famous girls , The diva became useless on her behalf and dumped.

As we report to you , Sasha has never give up on her career, she has looked for away of getting back in the music industry and as we speak. Pallaso and Sasha are cooking up something fresh with producer Nash Wonder .

We shall keep you posted

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