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Rules You Must Follow regularly for a healthy skin



By Staff Writer

You must have a healthy skin care routine in order to have a glowy skin inside out. Having perfect skin is important to keep yourself confident and happy with your appearance. You can follow certain tips in the form of rules in order to make your skin gentle and rejuvenated. If you are having any special skin disease then you must visit a dermatologist before using any of the suggested solutions to keep your skin secure from any sorts of allergies. The type of environment that we live in contains many free radicals that are quite harmful to your skin. There are many skin sensitive issues that can change your complete look and you might feel the need for a regimen that can steadily restore your skin back to normal. 


You must choose a healthy diet because what goes inside your stomach gets reflected on your face and tummy. You must drink eight glasses of water every day in order to keep your body hydrated in the required amount. Your skin needs water to restore the glow and these are some of the skin regimens that are not hard but necessary to follow. We generally fail to acknowledge their importance in our everyday lives. Talking in terms of diet, you must follow a clean and nutritional dietary routine in order to look healthy in every manner.

  • Try to eat healthy, whole food items and assortments and avoid junk food, especially the ones that contain a lot of oil and are at high temperature(avoid too hot food).
  • Eat fruits and leafy vegetables that facilitate the production of collagen. Spinach, carrot, and beetroot are really good for maintaining healthy skin. You can consume them in the form of juices if not in vegetables.

By following these simple dietary rules you can convert them into your habits and they will protect your skin from sagging and wrinkles for a long span. 
Food items and Beverages 

There are some food items and drinks that can have a toll on your skin in the short or long term. You must be aware of the food items and alcoholic beverages that you might take in the future but you should avoid them to prevent your skin health. Avoid all kinds of salty food and alcoholic drinks. We all are aware of the fact that alcohol and salty food items are not great for our overall body health as well. This gives us a valid reason to avoid them. Alcohol contains such toxins that can make your skin complexion dull without you knowing that. Extra salt triggers a breakout.

Desire Luzinda

Be gentle to your Skin

You might be really careful towards your skincare but that does not suggest that what you are following as a daily skin regimen is healthy for your skin type. Your skin should not be treated with burning hot water. Especially your face and scalp must not come in contact with hot water. Your face contains oil that should not depart your skin. Hot water strips off the essential oil from your skin. 

Lukewarm Water

Use warm water whenever you are bathing and stop bathing for long hours because that is something not refreshing for your skin and has drawbacks. Hot water causes dandruff which can be really frustrating and can cause itching and facial diseases. Use natural products for bathing and washing your skin. The chemical friendly products reduce the probability of allergy. Choose organic cleansers and shaving products that do not provide bumps and ingrown hair. If you are further interested to learn how to avoid ingrown hairs then check out the razors that do not lead to razor bumps and you do not get any ingrown hair. There are such shaving kits that contain such good quality razors.

After Bathing Essentials

Do not be harsh while drying your skin after having a bath. Pat your dry skin with soft hands such that you are not rubbing the water off harshly and with patting your skin surface is able to absorb the moisture. Buy the moisturizer that is rich in SPF and natural extracts. Try to use the moisturizer on your face and body as soon as you get done with your bath.

Visit a Dermatologist

It is best to take the advice of a professional. Rather than our beauty salon, a dermatologist can look at your skin diseases better. You should visit a dermatologist at regular intervals because under his/her assistance you can keep a track of your skin health. There are many such diseases related to our skin that can stay for long and can give you an unnatural look. Avoid self-medication and do not undermine your skin impairments for long.

Last Few Words

Throughout we have paid emphasis on following a skin regimen that compliments your skin health. You can pay close attention to your habits that are a part of your daily routine and affect your skin. You can choose to sustain a beautiful connection between your mind and body with this rulebook in your actions.

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