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Roger Mugisha’s Old Habits Catch Up As Babes Swarm Him



By Isaac Mites

If anyone thought it is easy to skip the past, then they will need to personally interact with Uganda’s renowned radio presenter Roger Mugisha.

Roger Mugisha was popular in the 90’s for leading a dance group only known as Shadow Angles. He is also amazing at partying and dancing with gorgeous, romantic and hot sexy divas.

On the Saturday of September 14th, The mighty breakfast presenter at KFM realized that it’s hard to forget the past. Upon coming into eye contact with sexy and gorgeous babes who graced the comedy on water event which was organised by the Laftaz Comedy Group, Roger was reminded of his old habits.

He could not resist the hungry babes who were yearning for him and he also stressed what he does best with the yet to be identified babes. Roger Mugisha was taken by surprise by sexy babes as he rolled into another world. By the time of regaining his senses, he was seriously bending over the sexy babes. Roger Mugisha pulled stunts of how to do the advanced bendover. Roger enjoyed to the fullest what he has been missing.

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