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Dr. Jacqueline KituluBy Our Reporter

Rocket Health, a leading telemedicine provider in Uganda, has appointed Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu, as their chairperson of the board of directors.

With over 15 years of executive and organisational leadership in the healthcare sector, Dr. Kitulu brings with her a wealth of experience in corporate/organizational governance, board management, and healthcare advocacy.

“I want to see Rocket Health grow into a company that’s profitable and sustainable. I also want to see Rocket Health be part of achieving the Universal Health Coverage goal, ensuring that people have access, because this is not all about profits; this is about people. You can make lots of money but what is the final impact. For me, the final impact is that more people here in Uganda, and as Rocket Health progresses across the continent, even more people can access healthcare.” Dr. Jacqueline Kitulu said after the appointment.

She was recently the President of the Kenya Medical Association, and is currently serving on several boards including the Emergency Plus Medical Services (Eplus Kenya) , Safaricom Health Advisory Board, PATH Kenya Board and TechCare For All Global Advisory Board.

Working together with the team of over 200 staff at Rocket Health, Dr. Kitulu will implement strategies to achieve the highest levels of governance and commercial performance for Rocket Health.

“I want to see Rocket Health get into the East African region, Central Africa, West Africa, just growing, expanding across Africa, as a leading light in digital health provision. Many players have not integrated these services (doctor consultations, laboratory and pharmacy services), Rocket Health as the forerunners has the opportunity to figure out how to ensure that this model achieves world class quality and commercial profitability, and consequently lead others into the system.” She concluded.

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