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Review: Attention (All I Need Is Love) – Lillian Mbabazi



Lillian Mbabazi

Lillian Mbabazi

By SALIM Segawa

Juggling her music career on an edge of a music genre that hasn’t interested many music fanatics, Lillian Mbabazi is land marking her territory before many revive. Cloning herself from a music group that enthralled Africa with their charming voices and sweet sounds, Lillian embarked on another revolutionary music journey where only she was the ‘driver and the passenger’ at the same time. Backed by her soothing voice and a loyal fan base, Lillian started doing solo music projects where she seemed more comfortable to try out her unique music ideas. Her debut solo music project was the kick starter of her journey as a soloist.

Caught up in the struggle of many genres trying to win the crown on the highly competitive Uganda music industry, Lillian takes the bull by its horns as she rebrands herself with a unique genre that is characterized by Cymbals, stressing handclaps, catchy rhythms, soft random kick drums and extemporaneous body movements, – that’s house music.

Lillian’s latest single “Attention (All I Need Is Love)” which plays on a medium tempo, is a composition of several instruments that are backed by Lillian’s tense vocals. Singing about what many people are willing to lend an ear to, Lillian finds her in a position to catch the attention of her audience as she expresses lovely lyrics. Her artistic style of proper song writing and vocal delivery enables the talented song bird to exuberantly express her music persona through the twirls and auxiliary sounds boom from the speakers.

Recorded, mastered and mixed by Samurae of Talent Africa Studio, ‘Attention’s’ output is credited by the matchless production skills whose attributions pivot on the mastering techniques used that reflect quality sounds. Whether played on China phone, iPhone or any other gadget, ‘Attention’ retains its form of originality.

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