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Red Pepper Buys Off Arien Fm, Rebranding it to Hyena Fm




Arinaitwe Rugyendo is one serious entrepreneur. One would have thought that the closure of the media houses and the daily losses were a super set-back but reports have confirmed otherwise. Our moles in the Pepper media have it that Red-Pepper finally bought off Arien Fm.

Arien Fm which was located in Old Kampala had failed to breakthrough and Red-Pepper utilized this opportunity to buy out the station. Red-Pepper employees are already excited about the opportunities that are coming up. People like Hyena are expected to host the late night shows.

However, the great headache will now come from the name that the station chooses to take-up. Some people are suggesting that it re-brands to Hyena Fm, others think Pepper Fm would be better. An excited Rugyendo spent the day tweeting about his new harvest asking followers what they would wish to listen to on this mighty radio.

Radio competition is surely blazing since Kiss Fm has already confirmed its entry into the Ugandan Market. It’s on this note that we ask, what name would suit the Red-Pepper radio?

Below are Rugendo’s tweets.


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