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Red flags women look for



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

black-couple-on-a-date-pf-378x414Despite what you might be thinking as a single guy, women do want to date you. In fact, they want to date you so much that they often go against their better judgment and overlook things to cut you some slack.

Read on for a rundown of red flags women look for and count against you.

1- Not taking “no” for an answer
Women are very aware of their own independence, and will be quick to get out of a situation when they feel that their decision-making isn’t being respected. You might think that encouraging her to have desert after she’s said “no” is showing that you want her to indulge, but what she’s hearing is that you aren’t taking her “no” for what it is — a choice she’s already made and is justified in sticking to. This is one of the red flags women look for because it can lead to more serious control issues.

2- Bad-mouthing others
Men often mistakenly regard women as gossip-mongers out to cut one another down, which could lead you to believe that you can do the same. Of course, joking about the time you and your buddies made fools of yourselves is fine, but a woman won’t be impressed when you dish dirt on coworkers, family or friends, or criticize those close to you. Bad-mouthing others is one of our red flags women look for because the lack of loyalty that comes through with this type of gesture will only leave her wondering if she’s your next victim.

3- Holiday aversion
For the most part, women are the holiday-keepers in society and grow up being involved in the preparation and buildup for both major holidays and family-specific traditions. While you don’t need to have a tacky Christmas sweater collection that puts Mr. Rogers to shame, professing your hatred of Valentine’s Day, birthdays, Thanksgiving, and so on will leave her wondering if you had a troubled childhood or are just too morose or cheap to celebrate. Women like to be spoiled on special occasions, which is why holiday aversions is one of the more important red flags women look for.

4- Ambition deficiency
Few women will hold your filler job as a waiter against you. In general, women respect a working man in many shapes and sizes, but there is one magic ingredient that must be present to earn her respect: Being proud of your job or the steps you’re taking to get to where you want to be are attractive qualities. Consequently, slackers on the bottom rung that cross their fingers that they’ll never get promoted so that they never have responsibility are not. Upward mobility is what women want in their men, which is why this is a biggy among the red flags women look for.

5- Neglectful behavior
Everyone has heard the word chivalry, and any man of dating age should be well-versed in the basics of being a gentleman, but a quick refresher can’t hurt. When out on your first date with a new woman, you need to show her that you appreciate the time you have both set aside for each other. To show this appreciation, the cell phone needs to be turned off, introductions need to be made if you run into anyone you know and conversation needs to be polite and mutual.

6-Don’t wave a red flag
Everyone thinks of first dates, and dating in general, in different ways, usually with some kind of sporting analogy. There is some merit to playing the game; you just need to make sure that you’re following rules that will keep you from throwing out any of the red flags women look for that might end the game before you even take the field. There are some things that a woman can’t or won’t overlook, no matter how many other great and wonderful things you have going for you. Let the games begin.

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Celebrity Gossip

Jackie Chandiru Steadily Recovers, Records New Song ‘Quarantine’ Watch Video Here



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By BigEyeUg Team; The entertainment industry has been hit again by the good news of former Blu*3 singer Jackie Chandiru’s comeback.

By Friday night, the entire social media was flourished with Jackie Chandiru’s name as her fans and friends jubilated for having seen their diva appear in her own music video again after a long spell.

It should be recalled four years ago, the ‘Gold digger’ singer was reported ill and admitted for rehabilitation after sustaining intense body damage due to drug misuse.

The singer was forced into isolation by her family members as they prohibited visitations and information about her health to friends until her medication period was done.

Jackie Chandiru

Fortunately, at the beginning of 2019, Jackie successfully completed her medication period as she strongly recovered and immediately glanced again to the public eye.

However, her merry time didn’t last that long as a few months after, she was reported with a sorry health state.

This prompted a few members of the entertainment industry like; Promoter Balaam Barugahara and Pastor Wilson Bugembe to flag a campaign that would see Jackie’s expensive medical bills foot and well-being sustained.

On a sad note, Jackie was later absorbed from the music stakeholders by her family members as they accused them of being responsible for her illness again.

Since then, it has so stressing to track her health condition not until now when she has been unmasked, steadily recovering and ready to hit stage again.

Jackie Chandiru resurrection is backed-up by a new dancehall chune dubbed ‘Quarantine’, done by Kenyan music production guru Eazy Pro Pan E.J Records and video by Enos Olik.

According to liable sources, Jackie is currently breading in Kenya.

Check it out;

We will keep you posted

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Celebrity Gossip

Hajji Haruna Mubiru Stuck In Domestic Violence Accusations



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By BigEyeUg Team; Kream Production CEO Hajji Haruna Mubiru is drowning in deep waters after being landed into domestic accusations by fellow singer, at the same time girlfriend Kemirembe Sarah aka Kemi Sera.

According to Kemi Sera, she was blindfolded by the extreme intimacy that Hajji Haruna bathed her during their relationship infant stages not until when everything overturned over out of the blue.

The ‘Malala’ singer reveals that Haruna acts inflicted deep pain on her as it prompted her to resort to alcoholism, something she had never opted for in her entire life.

Women are like babies; its easy to lie to us. When a man says he loves you, you see like you have reached, you can’t even think about the time of breakup. Haruna used to beat me up, he used to accuse me for sleeping with other men, made up many fake stories about me, he hurt me a lot and it even pushed me into drinking alcohol,” Kemi said.

Hajji Haruna Mubiru and Kemi Sera

She is also worried of Haruna’s status of being older, popular, rich and more established than her because this might cover up her reality story from public attention and help if any.

 “I have been Hajji Haruna’s wife but not anymore, just know I started that relationship with someone who is much older, popular, rich and established than me, so I had to fight a lot for myself.” she adds.

Sera thinks maybe Haruna’s decision to dump her might have been made after her getting an accident that got her badly injured in her entire body.

He dumped me when I got an accident, I don’t know, maybe he saw that I wasn’t looking beautiful anymore or my face wasn’t that appealing. I really don’t know,” she further states.

Kemi Sera’s sustained injuries after nasty accident.

Kemi is in line of female celebrities such as Anita Da Diva, Weasel’s girl-friend Talia Kassim among others that are good victims of domestic violence.

Apparently, Kemi Sera is seeking for help from prominent herbalist Maama Fiina after accumulating rent arrears that may lead her from being evicted from her house.

The two have often denied having an affair until now when Kemi Sera is accusing her former music boss of brutalizing their bedroom matters.

We will keep you posted

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Celebrity Gossip

Galaxy FM’s Prim Asiimwe Heaps Up Love Praises For Hubby Alex Muhangi



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By BigEyeUg Team; When we talk about one of the most silent celebrity couples in Uganda is that of fabled comedian Alex Muhangi and radio personality Prim Asiimwe.

Trust me, the two have overly expressed nothing like love nimiety in public like its fond-of majority of the celebrity couples.

However, for the first time in public, the Galaxy FM radio presenter has showered the Comedy Store Uganda CEO with praises for being the best man of her dreams.

Speaking at a local TV interview, Prim consented Alex as a responsible, hardworking and darling husband in their relationship journey.

He is a loving, caring, and calm man. He often spends most of his time home trying to improve his work and family. Alex has never disappointed and disrespected me but instead lit my life,” said Prim.

Alex Muhangi and lover Prim Asiimwe

It should also be noted that ever since the Slim-penciled radio presenter graduated from Cavendish University with a Degree in Journalism and Mass Communication, she has been promised a double dowry by the husband.

The two are smoothly strolling a six-years relationship with only one child blending their love.

What a lovely couple this is!

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6 Ways to easily access your NSSF account on your phone or computer



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.


You can access NSSF services anywhere, anytime on your mobile phone or computer.

By Our Reporter

Gone are the days when you had to first visit NSSF offices to access their services. NSSF services are now available at your fingertips.

The Fund, over the years, has introduced different platforms to improve their service delivery, and enable members to access NSSF services in an easy and convenient way from anywhere.

Whether you want to register, update your details, or just check your NSSF balance, you can now easily do so using your mobile phone or computer.

The Fund offers a wide range of e-channels that are convenient, user friendly and easy to navigate.

These channels include:


The NSSFGo app is a fast and convenient way to monitor your account. Through the app, you can view your current balance, check your salary growth rate, make voluntary contributions, know how much of your salary you contribute to NSSF, project retirement payout, see employment history, and see e-statements, claim for your age benefit and so much more. You can also register to become a member of the Fund using the app.

Download the NSSFGo App by clicking here if you’re an Android user or click here if you are an iPhone user , you can also search for “NSSFGo” on both stores.

2. NSSF Web App

The fund also provides the option of experiencing the app functionality without necessarily downloading it.

Access NSSF services on your mobile phone, desktop or laptop by visiting the NSSFGo website.

Log into the web app with your registered phone number or email to access your account and all the features the mobile app provides with the same look and feel.

3. NSSF Corporate Website

You can also easily access NSSF services from the comfort of your office or home via their website. The website has a self-service section where members can see e-statements, make NSSF payments and also leave feedback among others.

It is also the primary online information portal for the Fund where you will find the latest updates, career opportunities, annual reports, to mention but a few.

4. SMS

Can’t connect to the internet? No problem. Access NSSF services using any mobile phone, whether a feature phone or smart phone, by simply sending a text message to 6773.

1. For balance inquiry, send BAL to 6773
2. For mini statement, send MINI to 6773
3. For benefits claim status, send CLAIM to 6773


You can also register yourself for NSSF using your feature phone or access a mini statement and balance using the USSD option. The feature will work on a kabiriti or feature phone or smartphone.

Step 1: Dial *254# and choose your preferred language
Step 2: Select register member and then register self
Step 3: Enter your national ID number (NIN)
Step 4: You will get an SMS with your NSSF number.

6. Toll Free Line

If self-service is not your thing or you prefer speaking to a customer service agent, NSSF offers a toll-free line 0800286773 for any inquiries and requests. You can also contact customer support via WhatsApp on 0784259713 and the support team will reach out to resolve any challenges you might have.


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