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Read: Magogo and Kabushenga’s bloody fists on Twitter



By BigEyeUg Team

It’s a bloody Wednesday greeting between Federation of Uganda Football Association President Eng. Moses Hassim Magogo and former Vision Group CEO, Robert Kabushenga.

The Twitter brawl sparked after FUFA officially announced Milutin Sredojevic Micho as the Uganda Cranes new head coach.

Replying to FUFA’s tweet, Kabushenga inquired whether FUFA had fully accomplished Micho’s arrears that prompted his departure from the national team in 2017.

FUFA did you pay his last ka-money?” Robert Kabushenga stated.

In a blink of an eye, FUFA President Moses Magogo had thrown the first jab at Kabushenga, assuring him how Micho’s payments will be smoothly wired through his (Kabushenga’s) bank account in this new contract.

In this new contract we will pay him through your bank account sir,” Moses Magogo wrote.

However, Kabushenga seemed not to have been convinced with the FUFA head’s promises as he cautioned Micho regarding an advance payment.

Kabushenga also warned Micho never to make any public pleas in the future when not paid.

Micho I hope this time you have been paid in advance. Unless of course you are returning as a volunteer. If they pickpocket you again don’t come here to make noise for us,” Kabushenga to Micho.

Feeling responsible for Micho’s castigation by Kabushenga, Magogo insisted that Kabushenga would witness Micho’s payment via his personal account.

With you as the country head boy, we will make sure that in this new contract we pay him through your bank account,” Magogo told Kabushenga.

At this point, the online scuffle had heated-up highly as Kabushenga branded Magogo to be ‘Stupid’ and assured him it’s not a badge of honor like he thinks.

Moses Magogo stupidity is not a badge of honor. It is not a good idea to wear it in full public view. But then again you are far too tone deaf to understand it,” Kabushenga said.

Magogo took another foot stretch on the battleground claiming how Kabushenga has now turned into a Twitter guru after his retirement from active media.

He also asked him to avail his bank account details from which FUFA would pay coach Micho in his new contract.

It looks like tweeting is your retirement hobby. Dot com era Jajja does not tell stories around fire places but tweets. Just provide us your bank details to be receiving the man’s salaries. Thank you for the good job,” Magogo retaliated.

Kabushenga returned with double punches towards Magogo as he introduced the current popular saga of Ugandan weightlifter, Julius Sekitoleko who is still under Police custody ever since he was deported from Japan.

Kabushenga trashed Magogo’s parliamentary seat representing Budiope East.

He said that on neutral grounds, it would be weightlifter, Julius Sekitoleko in Magogo’s parliament place but God’s played a cruel joke in this matter.

Moses Magogo in normal times you should be in jail & weightlifter Julius Sekitoleko should be an MP. But then God has played a cruel joke on us as a country & it is the other way round. But it takes a special kind of idiocy to make a mockery of it. I give up!!!

Well, as the saying goes “End the war before it ends you,” by the time of this post, the two seem to have found a better place to relieve their differences.

However, the Magogo – Kabushenga war has cracked a huge debate on Twitter with their followers passionately siding differently.

We will keep you posted

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