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Popular actress forced to reveal her HIV status after she lost too much weight.



Tanzanian actress Amanda Poshi

Popular Tanzanian actress Amanda Poshi has opened up about her HIV status after sections of fans claimed that she is HIV positive.

The once upon a time chubby woman with a round frame has reduced considerably, going by her latest photos –, and the social media is soaked with speculations.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Amanda said she is HIV negative and that she often tests her HIV status to eliminate uncertainty.

“It’s my personal choice to do HIV testing regularly. I go to the VCT centre when I want. I won’t be pressured. I tested my HIV status many times in 2013. The last time I went to the VCT was in 2015. The rumours that have been doing the rounds on social media about my HIV status hurt me. They ask to have HIV tests conducted on me, yet they wouldn’t visit the facilities themselves.

“When I was overweight, I suffered blood pressure complications. I thank God I enrolled at a gym and my health is very stable now. I have lost a lot of weight.”

Amanda then shared her HIV status result that confirmed she is HIV negative.

Source: eDaily.co.ke

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