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Police speaks out on why Bobi Wine was held at the airport



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Bobi Wine

Police has finally spoken out on why musician turned MP, Bobi Wine was held at Entebbe airport on his return from USA on Friday afternoon.

According to police, Bobi Wine was not arrested but only brought in so as to talk him out of holding an “unlawful” gathering and  procession so as to avoid causing heavy traffic jam along Entebbe road.

They explained in a series of tweets that read, “The Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine, wants to address gatherings and come in a procession. The Police are having a conversation with him to defer that. We hope he will see our point of view and comply to avoid unnecessary & unplanned traffic mgt which can result in chaos and disorder plus crime from other characters than might exploit that loophole. We have to protect other citizens. Unplanned procession on Ent. Rd will cause heavy traffic, travelers will miss flights.  If one wants to have a procession, they have to alert us first for logistical and security planning.”

Meanwhile, earlier reports had indicated that the “Bikwase Kyagulanyi” singer had been arrested over his recent remarks about the contentious Age Limit bill. It is said he had been arrested so that he can record a statement at Entebbe police station.

Bobi Wine has in the past been very vocal against removal of the Presidential Age Limit.

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