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Place Review: Raves Restaurant Kamwokya.



BigEye Staff Writer.

Kamwokya, between you and me, is renowned for its street life where city dwellers sit flat in the alleys and stick things between their lips and see smoke crawl up in the sky. The place is literally covered by a plume of smoke that hangs heavy in the air like an upcountry early morning fog.

But in that blurred plume of the proverbial smoke rises a high-end eatery, Raves Restaurant, that sits just across Plot 67B, Kanjokya Street. The street which boosts of large blue-chipped companies and the newly magnificent Acacia Mall that winks from the vicinity, the people need to eat. And these people need to eat from a place that fits their razor-sharp suits and astronomical bank balances and their flashy lifestyles. A place that embraces their egos.

I went there with a friend of mine who insisted she (yes, she! In the wake of the hogwash bill, it has to be a she) wanted a decent place where we can talk eerily with a comfy setting. Raves restaurant, to be honest, knows that the customer is a king. In fact, they treat you like a monarch.

They have seats arranged on the verandah ducked under large umbrellas. I loved it. I loved the state-of-art setting because hardly do you find a restaurant arranged fashionably well that you even fish out your phone to take pictures and Instagram the moment. Not in this city, at least. But Raves Restaurant’s setting seems like one of those places that sit in travel magazines daring you and your skinny wallet to check them out in Paris, Santa Monica, Madrid, London, New York et al.

My friend opted that we should sit inside instead. I nodded, agreeably. Inside, they have these comfy cushions that receive your behind like a mother would receive her daughter; warmly and as much comfort an audacious hug would offer.

They also have an upstairs-section which, trust me, is the ice breaker. Upstairs has a little balcony where you sit tonelessly and you swim in the unrivalled mood with which the lazy jazz music that wafts from a random speaker brings forth. Upstairs, still, is a good rendezvous for a date.

The Menu.

Their al carte menu is broad. They serve continental cuisines (Indian, Mexican, Italian, American and English cuisine). They serve local buffet at lunch time only. They also offer health menu and kids menu as well. They serve a special soup of the day which goes for 8,500shs; it always has mushrooms and bread. If saliva oozes out of your mouth at the sight of cake, you are sorted. They serve cake as well. A white chocolate cake goes for 8,000shs. If you want a glass of wine to wash the food down your throat, you fork out 10,000shs. Their coffee ranges from 6,000shs.

Take your burning hunger to Raves Restaurant and show it who is boss. Photos by Pearl Guide Uganda.

Raves Restaurant Kamwokya2 Raves Restaurant Kamwokya3


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