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Photos: What you missed at Nyege Nyege Festival



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By Our Reporter

Nyege Nyege festival has become synonymous with unbridled fun over the years, and this year’s edition was no different. Despite moving to a new venue at Itanda Falls, and threats of being banned, the festival still delivered an unparalleled experience.

Itanda Falls is about an hour’s drive from Jinja town. So, for the festival goers, the experience started as soon as they branched off the tarmac and hit the murram road leading to the venue. It was a bumpy ride, that only further raised the anticipation.

It was four days of non-stop partying, with something for everyone. For live performances, you had to be at the main stage. The other stages, like the Uganda Waragi stage and Bell Lager Stage, had deejay showcases playing popular music. And for alternative music, the dark stage had you covered.

Away from the music, the festival which was set in a pine tree forest, also offered scenic views of the majestic falls as well as several water activities including boat rides and tubing, for the festival goers to cool off and re-energize. And for the aquaphobic ones, there was a swing ride, mechanical bull riding and other carnival games for diversion and their amusement.

Fortunately there was no need for gum boots as the festival was mostly blessed with clear skies, and when it rained, it was only a slight downpour – a welcome reprieve from the scorching sun.

Here are some photos from the festival.

Nyege Nyege Festival 2022

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