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Photos: Deputy Chief Of Defense Forces Charles Angina’s son weds lover Brenda Kyomugasho in glomourous ceremony



By Reporter

It was midday at the Naguru Hill Top Gardens, last Saturday. The sun was shining like it was showing off. The entrance and the rest of the parking were littered with camouflage and army uniforms. Police Escort cars, with macho-looking men, were parked in strategic positions. And for an on-looker, it seemed like a government meeting was happening in the vicinity. Yet it wasn’t. Emmanuel Olinga, son to Deputy Chief Of Defense Forces Charles Angina was getting married to Brenda Kyomugasho. And the wedding reception was taking place at the Hill Top Gardens, Naguru.

We were ushered inside the gardens, were a magnificent white tent had been erected, and draped in such pomp. There was a gigantic chandelier hanging from the tent ceiling draping that spoke volumes of the nature of the function, let alone, the caliber. On entrance, right before the arch, was a pink photo booth with the names; ‘Emma and Brenda’ emblazed on it; where attendants stopped to take pictures. Later, we were ushered to our seats, to witness the rest of the marvel that was the function.

As it turned out, the numerous police escort vehicles, and the police men outside waiting from the parking area, were here to guard the many government VIP’s present at the function. And as the ceremony went on, many of them started making themselves known. Only a few were allowed to speak.But before them, was the speech from Pastor Kayanja. Who after pledging to give the couple 1,000 dollars, advised them that marriage wasn’t an institution as was peddled by many.

“Marriage is life. A new life. It requires investment. To live a good life, you need to invest,” he bequeathed them, before praying for the audience.

Later, General Charles Angina also gave a touching speech, thanking his son for making him a proud father.

The Chief Of Defense Forces, General David Muhoozi also gave beckoned the newlyweds to take it easy.

“Take it easy. Maintain the purpose of your union. Maintain communication,” General Muhoozi said.

The couples families took turns in thanking the couple and blessing them, after which the beautiful couple that were silent all through, also spoke.Olinga was the first, mentioning in his American accent, that he had married the most beautiful woman in the world. Before Brenda reciprocated, and went on to introduce the whole of her family.

The couple was wedded by Rev. Dr. Medard Birungibyayesu.

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