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Photos: Bobi Wine and Barbie light-up Nubian Li’s wedding ceremony



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By BigEyeUg Team

It was glamour and glitz as singer cum politician, Bobi Wine’s singing partner Ali Buken a.k.a Nubian Li walked-down-the-aisle with longtime lover, Gloria Mutoni Salha.

Glorious moments of the day kicked-off in high gear as Nubian and Salha first headed to Kibuli mosque to tie-knot as stipulated in the Islamic religion marriages.

The couple was in company of Bobi Wine who amazingly showed-up smartly dressed in an Islamic attire to perfectly match his role as the bestman of the day.

Nubian and Salha later in the day treated their families and a few friends to a colorful wedding reception held at one of the most lavish venues around Kampala City.

The Bridal Entourage stormed the reception elegantly donned in expensive suits and dresses.

Nubian and Bobi Wine lit-up the day as they performed some of their love songs together for bride, Salha who was aided by Bobi Wine’s wife Barbie.

The ceremony also saw a number of big names in the government attend.

In his speech, Bobi Wine lauded Salha as a special woman whom Nubian shouldn’t hesitate complementing with more three women as the Muslim religion accounts.

I know you are a Muslim, but your wife has all the four women you need in her,” Bobi Wine said.

Taking it to his social media, Nubian Li has expressed his gratification towards friends for their support in seeing is wedding happen glamorously.

I do….Thank you all members of the organisation Committee for making this possible and all friends who made a contribution towards the success of this wedding. Indeed it was a celebration of love!” Nubian Li stated.

This comes in just a week after Nubian made his maiden visit to Salha’s parental home to officially unleash his intentions of marrying her.

Nubian and Salha have been together for almost 14years and born some lovely kids.

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Congratulations Nubian Li and Salha!

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