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Pasha Amaro set to drop new song ‘Elu Mani’



By BigEyeUg Team


Raising-star Pasha Amaro is set to release her new song dubbed ‘Elu Mani’.

Audio produced by Josh and video by Wax, ‘Elu Mani’ has been aligned for release on Friday, April 2, 2021.

Born 21st July, Inzikuru Lydia, professionally known as Pasha Amaro, is a fast-rising star with an angelic voice.

Signed under Trent music international, Pasha is a Ugandan artist, singer, songwriter and designer.

Her love and passion for writing and singing basically got me into music.

My mom told me I had a beautiful voice so I chose to share it with the world,” Pasha says.

Concerning music genres, her sound is a unique mixture of Afro, pop, RnB and a little bit of soul and House, all comfortably done in English, Pidgin and Lugbara languages.

Pasha has invested more in Vocals as her instrumentals.

She holds such an enticing educational background in Music & fashion.

Pasha is a fast-rising global artist who aspires to change the music scenery in Uganda.

She is inspired by Nigerian singers Wizkid and Fireboy, that she literally considers music geniuses.

Pasha loves to change the world positively through her music.

 “I’d like to be remembered for making a difference in the Ugandan music industry, because currently our music scene is just not really selling out there. So, I wanna change that and let the world know there is amazing talent down here,” Pasha Amaro states.

Well apart from English, Pasha speaks her local language (Lugbara), Luganda, Alur (which is another local language) and a little bit of Croatian that she is still learning.

To all Trent fans, thank you. We can’t do none this without you guys, every stream, like, repost name it counts and I am simply grateful to y’all,” Pasha adds.

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