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Omulangira Ndawusi warns on possible fresh war between Chameleone and Bobi Wine



By BigEyeUg Team

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Renowned radio personality, Omulangira Ndawusi has opened weighed in on singer Jose Chameleone and Bobi Wine’s friendship status especially following allegations of mistrust among themselves.

Chameleone and Bobi’s on and off friendship seems to have hit rock bottom yet again after Chameleone was vetted negatively from the Lord Mayoral seat for National Unity Platform (NUP) ticket.

Appearing on Spark TV interview, Ndawusi says its not right for the public to go against Bobi Wine, accusing him of dejecting Chameleone’s NUP ticket for the Lord Mayoral seat.

He instead turns guns at the NUP vetting committee that was of course elected by Bobi Wine

Chameleone joined politics and people okayed his decision. What people don’t know is that Bobi Wine is not one responsible for vetting potential party flag bearers.

Other members are ones in charge, that’s why they chose Lati over Chameleone. They might have based on his experience in the political field as one of Elias Lukwago’s longtime servants. So, its far away from claims that Bobi Wine might have lost trustworthy in Chameleone,” Ndawusi said.

The Radio Simba presenter also recounts to the public not to rule-out Bobi Wine and Chameleone’s rivalry despite holding a pretended friendship in the past few years.

Also, the longtime feud between Bobi and Chameleone will never perish however minimal it maybe. Its an on and off relationship between the two,” Ndawusi added.

He further warned about the possibility of Chameleone resurfacing the battle with Bobi Wine and rapper Gravity Omutujju who have betrayed his dreams and aspects in the political career.

This is because of Chameleone’s renowned traits of being a superior when it comes to musical politics.

By the way a new battle is boiling-up between the two. Likewise to rapper Gravity Omutujju after publicly announcing that he will be campaigning for FDC Flag bearer. Erias Lukwago not his close friend Chameleone.

Chameleone is the king of battles and wars for years now. He is a musical politician.

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