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Obua on Verge of Breaking Rabadaba’s Marriage with Sheila.



By Stuart G-khast

It has just come to our notice that from being accused of murder, singer Rabadaba has had another threat with equal intensity.

We have reliably been informed that Uganda crane’s ‘unwanted’ striker, David Obua has for a long time been feasting on Sheila Ferguson―Rabadaba’s wife.

Rabadaba has always used his instincts and suspected so, the same reason Rabadaba and wife Sheila Ferguson have been on and off over the years.


Some time back singer Rabadaba was denied a visa to UK in his attempt to find out what the wife was upto, this left the singer with no option but leave Sheila continue flirting in diaspora with fellow country mate David Obua.

Sheila claims Obua is just a friend though the two have on so many events been seen together in the UK where they are both sure Visa-less Rabadaba won’t ever find them.

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