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Nominations for 9th HiPipo Music Awards kick-off.



By Staff Writer
HiPipo, the organizer of the prestigious annual HiPipo Music Awards on Monday 28 October announced that all nomination channels for the 9th prestigious HiPipo Music Awards are now open until 13th December 2019 when this exercise will be closed.

The nomination process is part of a series of critical project activities that are being undertaken and will culminate with the 9th HiPipo Music Awards grand finale slated for 14th March 2020 at the Kampala Serena Hotel.
While Unveiling this year’s program, HiPipo CEO Innocent Kawooya noted that just like the very successful 8th edition, the 9th season of HiPipo Music Awards comes with #WeTheBest theme.
“The 8th edition was massive as we hosted musicians, fans and stakeholders from over 15 countries. The 9th edition is going to be bigger, better and sweeter. We remain committed to developing African music through objectively recognizing, rewarding and appreciating stand out acts throughout the continent,” Innocent Kawooya said, adding;
“We have categories with broader reach out to the different niche markets and regions to enable us celebrate a variety of music and embrace Africa. You can nominate your favourite artistes and acts via web and social media. The music eligible for nomination must have been released between 1st November 2018 and 31st October 2019.
Project Partners.
As part of efforts to make the 9th edition bigger, better and sweeter, HiPipo is concluding several partnerships with other stakeholders. A full list of partners will be unveiled in due course.
The 9th HiPipo Music Awards Program.
28th October to 13th December 2019: Nominations Collection
13th December 2019 to 3rd January 2020: Nominations Clean Up process.
6th January 2020: Announcement of nominees.
6th January to 14th March 2020: Voting underway.
14th March 2020: Awards Gala Event.

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Celebrity Gossip

Meet AK Dans, a proud south Sudanese comedian in Uganda



By Reporter

Mr. Ak Dans. Tell us more about yourself, where does that name come from?

My full name is Akau Daniel Jambo Poundak. So Ak comes from my name Akau and Dans comes from Daniel. You must be wondering about the “S”. The “S” came about from a theory i believed in when i was growing up. I used to go through a lot of hardships and i always made it out. So i always told myself there is someone else in me that helps me go through these challenges. My guardian Angel hence the “S” to represent two people. The soul and the body.

You seem to have Family Members around the globe, how many are you?

Yes, i come from a family of 8 boys and 2 girls making us 10. I emerge as the 7th born. 6 of my siblings are in Australia and 2 in Uganda and 1 in South Sudan. The one in South Sudan who is the first born followed the foot steps of my Dad. He is a soldier too. But yes i do come from a large family indeed. My father had 5 wives and my mother was the 4th wife. Nyakir Hbre was the first, Achieu Riak Bol second, Samira Ajuong 3rd, Anai Malou Akau( My mom) 4th and Finally Leila Machut.

With Such a large Family, how did your father manage supporting everyone?

My dad Jambo Poundak was a very hardworking and respectful man. He was a Major General in the Sudan People’s Liberation Army. That is the current ruling party as SPLM And he was a father who needed to support his family like any other man. That alone pushed him harder. But life then was quite easier. Life before money was a thing. My family mostly survived on farming. A lot of people did in South Sudan.

Being a family with different half brothers and sisters how do you manage to live in harmony?

We actually don’t look at each other as half brothers and sisters. We are brothers and sisters and we loved each other so much. Growing up we never involved ourselves in the issues between our father and his wives. Thats technically what every black child does. You keep your distance as a child. You don’t know where those two met so you just mind your business. All we waited for was here is your new brother or sister and then we immediately add him to the Family WhatsApp group. Lol

How hard was it to survive without your father and later your mother?

It was extremely hard bro, very hard. I had to man up before puberty. Every decision i made was a life changing decision. I had no room for mistakes. I was a parent of my own. My adolescent age was the hardest. Imagine being a parent of yourself. Imagine advising yourself not to do drugs and then you get mad at yourself because you don’t want to be told what to do. It was really hard. I cried for months for everyday that passed by, my world was falling a part but after sometime i got myself together.

What has living as an orphan taught you?

The power of Self believe and self value. We often need someone to encourage and support you and thats what your parents do in abundance. But after losing my parents, i got to find out that i can believe in myself and encourage myself. Up to now that’s what I thrive on

What message do you have for people who have gone through similar circumstances of being orphaned at a very early age?

Be patient and believe in yourself. No condition is permanent. Death only means that they are no longer with you physically but they will always be with you spiritually.

Recently you did your one man show, tell us more about it.

Yes, i did my first one man show dubbed “The Woke Refugee” in Juba, South Sudan. It was directed by my best friend Maral Khajeh and we sold out on the morning of the show. I was so happy. That was one of my best nights in comedy.

Tell us about the Woke Refugee.

The Woke Refugee is a story of a young Refugee growing up to become a comedy star. Turning the trauma of Refugee camps into Humour. The word “Woke” means waking up and turning your negatives into positives.

Do you plan on doing any in Kampala soon?

Yes, i am but sometime next year. After doing this show in August, i realized that i was doing it to a wrong audience. I mean if am trying to encourage refugees to wake up and turning their trauma in to something positive then i should take this show to the Refugee camps where the message has to be heard. So i decided with my team to do “The Woke Refugee tour in the Camps”. We are going to start with Bidi Bidi Refugee Settlement camp, Rhino Camp Refugee Settlement and finally Kakuma Refugee camp where i was born. We are currently raising funds to do the show and other charities through different avenues including

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Entertainment News

Comedian Collin Emeka To Host Nsenene Ku Beat



By Staff Writer

After scooping a huge nomination in ADASA awards, fresh yet super talented comic and Hot 100 host Collin Emeka aka the romantic mukiga, has surely come of age.

The bubbly comedian as of late been hosting hefty events, and he has currently been unveiled as the main host for ‘Nsenene Ku Beat’, an event aimed at promoting tourism.

The event will showcase several sumptuous Nsenene recipes like the Burger, Samosa, Rolex, Bread and Pancake Nsenene on 24th November at HillTop Garden, Naguru.

The cover charge is only UGX10,000 (which comes with free Nsenene) and gates open at exactly 10am.

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Celebrity Gossip

Bebe Cool outshines panelist in political debate



By Stuart G-Khast

Bebe Cool could have had a perfect showcase this morning on NBS while appearing on morning Breeze. The singer, NRM activist and mobiliser this morning made his party and fans proud with outstanding arguments and counter arguments that revoked his other panelist Hon.Tinkasimire’s unconvincing opinions.

Given his experience over years, Hon.Tinkasimire arguments were not convicing with Social Media showing disappointment in his fashion of countering an argument. Today Bebe Cool won 3 to nil.

Bebe Cool continues to preach NRM gospel at every given opportunity and is gaining both confidence and political wisdom each passing day.

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