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Musicians Stopped From Rehearsing In The Hills Of Kawempe



By Tuhairwe Joab

While some musicians can afford to use more sophisticated ways of enhancing their vocals, others use local means of shouting on top of their voices in hills to be able to catch up with their pitches. 

However, they have been stopped from using the stone filled hill of Kawempe as their rehearsal and vocal training grounds till further notice on allegations that they make a lot of noise for the neighbourhood and some come with other intentions going ahead to steal people’s property. 

For over 15 years, several musicians especially those around Bwaise, Kalelrwe and Kawempe have been using this area to sharpen their vocals. 

Every morning and evening, over 20 upcoming and already established musicians storm this hill and start singing for over 3 hours. 

According to the head of security in this area, musicians have been banned from using this ground to find a strategy on how the place can utilised by both musicians and dwellers of this place without inconveniencing each other. The ban will take immediate effect. 

Affected musicians include; Mr. Wind, Rapper Caesar, Master Blaster the teacher and many more.

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