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MP Aspirant Norah Robinah Akwi offers solution to youth unemployment



Youth MP Aspirant Norah Robinah Akwi


By Our Reporter

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly put the world’s economy on its knees. For Uganda, and many other African countries, the pandemic has heightened the unemployment problem due to layoffs as companies downsize to adapt to what has been termed as the new normal. Yet while many remain fraught with despair, National Youth MP Aspirant Norah Robinah Akwi has come out to say not all hope is lost.

Through a Facebook post that has been making rounds on Social Media, Akwi stated a panoply of solutions that youths in the country could adopt to offset the unemployment levels and consequent lack of income.

The politician, renowned for the iron hand reforms she effected during her roles both as National Women’s Council Finance Manager and NRM Youth League- argued that the problem many youths have is assuming that they are going to get the exact jobs in their fields of study.

“What you are taught in school is very different from reality. And that is perhaps, something that needs to be taught. Every situation needs for you to step back, adjust, set new goals and focus on achieving them through being intentional and pragmatic in your planning. A substantial lot of youths in the unemployment sector have degrees and are fluent English speakers but lack a marketable skillset. And that is where the problem is,” Akwi stated.

According to Akwi, there is need for the Government to impart heavy elements of skilling in the Education curriculum.

“The transcript is by all means, a necessity. The grandeur of owning a degree is indeed, reason for pride. You did good, you got good results. But without a skillset, it becomes hard for someone to get employed. Now more than ever, (especially during the Covid19 period,) employers are looking at value. If you want to learn from a job, you are a liability. But if you are bringing solutions to the company, you will definitely get employed. I therefore urge young people to be thinkers; to be innovators, to be solution providers, as opposed to job seekers, and most importantly, to acquire skills,” Akwi stated.

Who is Norah Robinah Akwii?

Norah Akwi Robinah is a 28-year-old Ugandan politician standing for the National Female Youth MP post under the NRM Flag. She was thrown into the jungle that is Ugandan politics, when as a Senior 6 leaver, country wide votes ushered her into the Treasurer NRM Youth League position at National level.

She broke a record that has lasted until now, as the first woman to have served as a National Executive Committee member in the Youth league. And ever since then, she has been at the forefront of youth rights advocacy and women empowerment in both her home town of Nakapiripirit, and across Uganda through the various positions she has held.

Her competence has seen her elected Treasurer National Women’s Council even when she was the youngest contestant for the post. She has made her presence felt through juggling (presently) positions such as the aforementioned NWC roles, as well as Finance Manager of The NRM Youth League.

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