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Miss Uganda Ready To Participate in Miss World Challenge.



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By Lee Osbourne

Leah Kalanguka, who was recently crowned Miss Uganda has revealed she is ready for the Miss World beauty pageant.

The 23-year-old beauty queen who lives in Bugolobi Flats, and graduated with a BA in computer engineering has future ambitions of developing and revolutionizing the agricultural industry in Uganda. She told MissWorld.com in a recent interview that she is ready for the up coming Miss World challenge happening in December this year.

Besides her career ambitions, Leah likes to sing and dance, listening to Inspirational Gospel, volley ball and swimming are her favourite when it comes to sports. She added that she cannot do without Wikipedia because it gives her quick information and as a human being she can also lack prior knowledge to certain ideas.

Kalanguka rates Whatsapp as her best app because it makes it easy for her to communicate with her friends and family. Her favourite Fashion website is Flip Zone, rice and chicken is her favourite dish. However, what annoys the beauty queen most is that people have failed to love each other as they love themselves.

Lastly, Leah says, “My country Uganda is a beautiful place blessed with the best warm climate and fertile soils that favor the agriculture sector. With all the beautiful green vegetation and lakes we are the Pearl of Africa”.

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