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Miss Uganda Mercedes Benz is In a Dangerous Mechanical Condition?



miss ugWe may be celebrating the return of the glorious day of Miss Uganda but it seems we never get some things right. Once again, having promised the beauty queen a new Mercedez benz, we were surprised that what was termed as new may actually be one of those scrap cars from the Kampala bonds.

When you take time to watch the Miss Uganda Video, you will confirm for yourself. But for our Bigeye.ug team that was on sight, here’s what we witnessed:

“The car doors failed to open and only did open after a long struggle. In a state of panic, the organizers began trying out different car keys. When it came to starting the car, once again hell dawned on earth. Everyone looked on in shock but the organizers knew beforehand that this was not a brand new car; the Mercedes was in fact acquired from its former owner at a give-away price. Very soon, newspapers will be featuring headlines of the car breaking down on the road; its engine needs a complete overhaul.”

In all due honesty, we pass on our appreciation to Brenda Nanyonjo and the team for the splendid organization, but let’s call a spade a spade-if it’s a second-hand benz, please don’t call it a brand new benz. We all know you sometimes work on tight budgets, but don’t promise Heaven when you can’t even deliver hell.

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