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Meet Prophet William Ssozi, the Prophet who takes selfies with Jesus



By Staff Writer

Prophet William Ssozi is the newest swanky Prophet on the Kampala scene. Having seen his posts around the internet, our snoops dug deep and traced him at Protea Hotel in Naguru.

Those who have met the man of God before say that there is a feeling of anointing that moves around him and he alone confesses to meeting Jesus and taking selfies with him.

Many have had prophecies fulfilled after he has spoken into their lives. This was not different from a testimony that was recently given about the prophet.

“When I met him, he asked me deep questions about my personal life and I was in utter shock as to how he would know such private and personal affairs but skeptically I answered them.” testified one of the people that have received prophecy from him.

“He then went on to tell me different things to do with my family, all of which were true and happening. At this point, I was so nervous, I could feel the sweat drop down from my legs to my feet,” the testimony continues.

It is at this point that he revealed that he has interactions with Jesus to the extent that he takes selfies with the son of God.

“I proceeded to ask him about his interactions with Jesus and he went on to reveal to me that he has been to heaven and taken pictures with Jesus and that he is waiting for the appropriate time for when he will release them for all of us to see. When I asked him how exactly he took the photos, he said that a divine camera was used. He described heaven as ‘a place with an abundance of peace and light’ and that only the righteous will make it there,” the testimony ends.

When we caught up with him, we noticed that this Prophet has a bracelet made out of white beads and a black one on top. Asked what this bracelet is about, he simply smiled and told us to read 2 Chronicles 20:20.

He then prophesied in our lives and said that all will come to pass in two weeks time. He can be found on Facebook under the names; Prophet William Ssozi.

We will keep you posted.

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