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Meet GOLOLA MOSES’ 7YEAR OLD SON That No One Really Knows About



By Our Reporter

Golola-01We have been thinking of the best Easter Gift for our readers and we remembered one of those secrets that we had kept in our future shelf. That secret is about Moses Golola’s love life and his child.

Whereas no one ever gets to hear about this since it’s a heavily guarded secret, the much prized Golola actually has a son who’s around 7 years old. This son was sired back then before Golola really came into that major spotlight. So secretive he’s been about it, no one even knows the real mother of this baby.

But like all secrets, this son of Golola has lived out to resemble him in all aspects, especially the nose. Due to our journalism ethics, we have chosen not to publish the photo of this young boy, since he deserves a right to his privacy.

But relatives to Golola have it that he felt so disappointed when he was told one day that someone was pregnant for him. It is one of those things he would wish to change about his life. Because of all things that he counts as superior to him, a lady’s yahoo has never been one of them. He views this child as evidence of his weaknesses and shortfalls as a man and thus chooses to keep him as a secret.

It’s only once when Golola Moses has ever hinted about this son. This was in an interview he had with New Vision where he noted; “I have one child, but I separated with the mother a long time ago. She left because I was poor and life was hard. I will try to care for her when I am better off, but we are not getting back into a relationship.”

Because of this heart-break, Golola chose to take revenge on all women. He would rather blow off his loaded gun by himself than bed a Ugandan woman. He has never forgotten this lady who left him for a richer man.

Well, our friends, that is Golola Moses, he has a next in line. As you are busy fighting the father, Golola Junior is growing older and stronger each passing day.

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