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Meet Emcee Mats, new energy for the new generation



MC Mats is the new Emcee for the new generation. He has turned crowds and has won many hearts and gigs. The Emcee is seen as the future of the fraternity with many that came before him tipping him for bigger things in the career.

Born on 31st July 1994 to a South African revolution soldier called BONGANI MLABA (late) and mothered by a Muganda lady called Nansubuga Mary Sylvia (late), Mats was raised in Kampala, Uganda in a small village called Kitintale in the suburbs of Kampala.

Mats studied from Rev. John Academy (primary), Crane High School, Najeera High School (0-level) , and Progressive S S Kitintale (A-level).

Emcee Mats has worked with the biggest events companies in Uganda , featured on the biggest stages and the hottest night spots in Kampala such as Buzz events, Purple party tours , Bell jams activations and concerts, King of the MIC concerts , and so many other events in Schools and universities . He is the proprietor and founder of the Hi Skool Dance Championships (HDC) a hi-skool dance project that started early 2019. Emcee Mats reloaded says he is a dreamer who wants to inspire and motivate the next generation of stars in the Ugandan music industry to the world and he always says ‘If you can do it, perfect in it’

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