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MC Kats needs medical attention – Swangz Avenue boss Kyazze



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By Stuart G-Khart

Legendary television presenter, talent manager, events organizer and as well an Emcee one Katamba Edwin also commonly known as Mc Kats not ready to silence his beef with Swangz Avenue boss Julius Kyazze after failing to agree on the booking of Swangz Avenue attached artistses to perform on his previous concert dubbed “King of the Mic” which happened at Wonder World Kasanga on Saturday 28th January 2023.

It’s revealed that Kats wanted Winnie Nwagi, Vinka, Azawi & Zafaran to perform on his show on free of charge but Swangz Avenue boss denied his proposal claiming they can only give him artists on discount since they’ve invested a lot of money in their brands.

This sounded rude on behalf of “NBS After 5” show Co-host and the response was bitter during his YouTube interview with experienced entertainment Journalist Isaac Katende aka Kasuku.

In his response to him, Swangz Avenue boss only said, “Kats has a mental problem and he needs medical attention.

This added salt-in-wound and the television star responded like this on Twitter; “The last time I was in London I was in hospital for two weeks and doctors failed to confirm I had a mental problem. That is why UMA bounced you as chairman. Don’t fool anyone. The all-music industry is quiet but calling and thanking me for my truth”

The battle is on and keep here for updates.

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