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Mayweather Masterful To Top Canelo



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LAS VEGAS — At this point, the only thing that will be able to stop pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather Jr. is Father Time, because no fighter can do it.

In what some were calling Mayweather’s toughest test in many years, he authored a clinic against Saul “Canelo” Alvarez as he rolled to a majority decision to unify junior middleweight world titles Saturday night — on Mexican Independence Day weekend — at the sold-out MGM Grand Garden Arena, where the all-time gate record of $20,003,150 was set by the more than 16,746 in attendance.

The crowd was overwhelmingly cheering for Alvarez, the 23-year-old Mexican hero, but he was no match for the brilliance of Mayweather, who did as he pleased in Rounds 1 through 12 in the biggest fight in years.

“Canelo is a young, strong champion. A great Mexican champion,” Mayweather said. “I take my hat off to him and to Mexico. He can take a loss and bounce back.

“Seventeen years, and I’m still going strong. I think had I pressed the attack earlier, I could have gotten the stoppage, but I am very happy with my performance.”

The fight likely will set the record for the richest event in boxing history and could challenge the all-time pay-per-view record of 2.44 million buys. Both those records were set by Mayweather’s 2007 win against Oscar De La Hoya.

Although Mayweather cruised, the judges incredibly made it a majority decision.

Judges Dave Moretti (116-112) and Craig Metcalfe (117-111) had it for Mayweather, while judge C.J. Ross scored it an unconscionable 114-114. She also is one of the two judges who gave Timothy Bradley Jr. a decision win against Manny Pacquiao in one of boxing’s most controversial decisions in years. ESPN.com had it a 120-118 shutout for Mayweather.

“I’m not in control of the judges,” Mayweather said. “I’m a little in shock, but everything is a learning experience.”

For his easy work, Mayweather also made easy money, a guaranteed record purse of $41.5 million. He surely will earn much more once the profits from the Showtime pay-per-view event are tallied.

Mayweather, 36, of Las Vegas, fought like a man years younger, as usual. He landed his right hand almost at will and peppered Alvarez with solid jabs. Mayweather was so quick, he evaded nearly every heavy shot Alvarez threw.

“It was simple: I couldn’t catch him,” Alvarez said through a translator. “He was very elusive. He’s a great fighter. I did not know how to get him. He is very intelligent. He’s got a lot of experience. Honestly, I couldn’t find him. In the later rounds, I felt frustrated. I recognize that he beat me. I tried to connect on him, but I just couldn’t. At the same time, he also missed me a lot. A lot of punches landed on my gloves.”

Mayweather’s clinic came against a much bigger man. Although Alvarez made the 152-pound catchweight limit Friday and Mayweather was 150½, Alvarez rehydrated to 165 on fight night while Mayweather lost a half-pound from the weigh-in. But that added bulk made no difference, as Mayweather was his typically elusive self. His defense, as always, was tight, and his punches were fast.

“When I woke up [Saturday] morning, I was 146 pounds, so I had to call my chef and get something in my system,” Mayweather said.

For the fight, Mayweather landed 232 of 505 punches (46 percent), according to CompuBox statistics, and Alvarez was limited to connecting on just 117 of 526 punches (22 percent).

Alvarez, the 2010 ESPN.com prospect of the year, had won a vacant title by lopsided decision against Matthew Hatton — the younger brother of British star and former two-division titlist Ricky Hatton — and was making his seventh defense. But none of those opponents were remotely in Mayweather’s class.

Both fighters tried to establish their jabs in the opening round, although Alvarez also went for Mayweather’s body in an effort to slow him down. But that didn’t work.

Despite it being a tactical fight early, Mayweather, with his quickness, was able to land jabs and move out of the way before Alvarez’s slower punches could connect.

Mayweather (45-0, 26 KOs) found a bit more offense in the third round, landing two hard right hands cleanly in succession. Alvarez — whose contract called for $5 million but whose guarantee was more in the $12 million neighborhood — took them well.

Mayweather snapped Alvarez’s head back with another right in the fourth round, and Alvarez retaliated with a low blow, drawing a warning from referee Kenny Bayless. But Mayweather shook it off and began to open up with his punches even more, tagging Alvarez to the head with more right hands and working the body.

“I took my time; I listened to my dad [trainer Floyd Mayweather Sr.],” Mayweather said. “My father was telling me what to do and to press the attack. My dad had a brilliant game plan.”

Mayweather began to lay a bit of a beating on Alvarez in the fifth round. He landed a really clean right hand and was doubling up his jab, and Alvarez’s face began to swell. Mayweather continued to land right hands against a seemingly confused and tiring Alvarez in the sixth round.

It was more of the same in the seventh, although Mayweather additionally landed a clean right uppercut — as if Alvarez needed any more problems.

The one thing Alvarez had some success with was landing punches on Mayweather’s arms. But that was all that was available to him.

“In some of the rounds, I had to take my time and pull back because he was hurting my arms,” Mayweather said. “He’s a strong competitor, but it was nothing I had never felt before.”

By the time the last quarter of the fight arrived, Alvarez seemed to have lost his spirit and to be just trying to make it to the final bell as Mayweather continued to land nearly at will.

“The frustration was there, but simply he is a great fighter,” Alvarez said. “We tried to catch him; that’s what we tried to do all day. The 15 pounds were negated because I couldn’t catch him. There is no doubt he’s a great fighter, a very intelligent fighter. There was no solution.”

Alvarez (42-1-1, 30 KOs) has a good chin, and Mayweather isn’t a big puncher. But all those shots Alvarez took added up to a landslide for Mayweather, who has said he plans to fight again next May and next September. The fight with Alvarez was the second of a 30-month deal for up to six fights that Mayweather signed earlier this year with Showtime/CBS after leaving HBO/Time Warner in what amounted to a major power shift in boxing.

One possible opponent is junior welterweight champion Danny Garcia, who outpointed Lucas Matthysse in the co-feature. Mayweather also owns a welterweight title and would go back to 147 pounds to fight him.

“I saw that fight. Both of those guys fought hard and are strong,” Mayweather said. “They both looked good, but still, I don’t know what I am going to do next. I’ll go back and talk to my dad and my team, and we’ll take it one day at a time.”

Mayweather was winning so easily that during the 11th round, he stopped to pose for the ringside photographers.

They were clicking images of greatness.


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Football today results of the Champions League



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By Staff Writer

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C:\Users\user\Desktop\Image 8.jpg

If you want to place a bet right now, you must first study today’s football results. The bookmaker offers the latest and most reliable information. 

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  • Bayern;
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The office is especially focused on matches of teams from Africa, but games in the Champions League are also not left without attention. You can get acquainted with the opinion of experts in the statistics section. It provides information on popular sporting events in Africa, as well as forecasts for major Champions League tournaments. This is a great opportunity to win big money without leaving home.

Football is a prestigious sport, and many athletes want to participate in such competitions, but this is not always possible. There are no rigged matches here, with the exception of some little-known clubs, who are not very interesting to the public.

All fans can access reliable yesterday live scores. Their careful study allows you to invest as profitably as possible. The data on the site are constantly updated, so changes need to be monitored constantly. The latest information about the future confrontation makes it possible to determine the optimal amount of bets.

You can join the team of professionals already today. Do this, it is enough to register an account in the reliable office and place a minimum deposit so that your betting starts to be profitable. 

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Sports Condition Across Africa



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Staff Writer

The world of sport has ground to a halt during this pandemic. That’s one of the biggest global changes to occur, and it’s affecting countless lives, particularly those of the competitors themselves. Very few sports are still continuing at present, and on top of this, there is currently no sign of when it’s likely to start up again. To help you get a clear fix on how things are taking shape, we’re going to investigate the condition of sporting events in a few countries within Africa. 


Kenya has taken drastic measures to help limit the spread of coronavirus as much as possible. One of the preventative measures taken was to close down all sports within the country. This has impacted some of the best betting sites in Kenya, as the number of sporting events has dropped significantly. 

While this will obviously reduce the amount of tax revenue the country has access to, and cause other economic hardship, the government obviously sees the health of its people as the more pressing issue at this time. 

In fact, the Kenyan government has taken the drastic steps of not just banning sporting events but banning all outgoing trips for athletes. Any competition that was due to take place outside of the country in the near future has either been cancelled or postponed. 

The original ban was intended to run until the end of March, but at the time of writing, there is no news as to when the ban will be lifted and when sports can start to take place again. 


Uganda is another country taking the threat of coronavirus seriously. At the end of March, it was announced that the whole country would be placed on lockdown for two weeks. This rule was obviously put in place for the good of the general population, but it extends to sporting events as well. 

At the moment, people can’t leave the house unless they have explicit permission from a high-ranking government official. People who run vital stores, such as market traders who sell food, have been told that they are unable to return to their houses and must set up camp near to their stalls. Even pregnant women must get permission before they are allowed to enter a medical facility to give birth.

As a result of this drastic upheaval, sporting events have also been cancelled. Athletes are not exempt from the rulings and they too must stay in the house. Yoweri Museveni’s measure is extreme and ruthless, but with confirmed cases continuing to rise, it has been implemented to try and keep people as safe as possible. 

The lockdown is in place for two weeks initially, but there is no guarantee that things will go back to normal at the end of it. In fact, sporting events might still remain cancelled if the government decides that large gatherings of people should be avoided.


Even though the vast majority of African countries are enforcing some type of lockdown and, at the very least, cancelling sporting events, Burundi hasn’t followed suit. 

Part of the reason for this is that Burundi still hasn’t had a confirmed case of coronavirus yet. Although it might appear that the small nation isn’t taking the threat seriously, it’s actually been quite forward-thinking in its attempts to avoid contamination. 

Burundi has halted the flow of people into the country since the news of the virus broke. It didn’t call up any players for its AFCON qualifier in March and asked the CAF to consider cancelling the qualifiers before any other nation did. 

The thinking behind the refusal to call up Europe-based players was due to a 14-day quarantine that all visitors from Europe to Burundi were required to undergo. On top of this, Burundi has also limited incoming air traffic just to cargo planes. 

It’s unlikely that Burundi will cancel any events that include large gatherings until there is a confirmed case. While the approach of the Burundi government has been different to that in many other countries, it would be unfair to say it’s not taking the pandemic seriously, as the quarantine rules now in place prove. 

This pandemic is clearly changing the world in different, and sometimes unnerving, ways. People may find dealing with lockdown a little more difficult without access to the sports they love for entertainment and a crucial distraction. Hopefully, the pandemic will be brought under control soon and things will return to a condition we all prefer. That includes the return of sporting events that fans enjoy so much. 

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Will Uganda continue to be the world’s fittest country?



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Staff Writer

The health and fitness industries are booming right now.

More and more people across the world are starting to realize how important it is to stay in good shape, for themselves and for their future. Whether it’s with diets, trendy technology or superfoods, there are more ways than ever to stay in shape.

This is especially true when considering movements like veganism, or other health movements that have flipped the status quo. Nowadays, things that were once associated with healthiness – like red meat or excessive weightlifting, for example- have been pushed to the side in favor of truly beneficial things, like plant-based diets, mental health care and yoga.

Some countries have been noted as being healthier than others, which is interesting. It shows that different kinds of people value different kinds of healthy practices, and that some countries still have a lot of work to do when it comes to keeping their citizens healthy.

Today, we’re going to be taking a look at Uganda- which has been noted to be the world’s fittest country. Here at Big Eye, we’re incredibly proud of our country and the progress that it has made in the fitness world, so we wanted to take a look at this in more depth on our blog and examine how Uganda has come to be so healthy.

How is Uganda the world’s fittest country?

As stated in this BBC article, Uganda was noted as the world’s most physically active country by the World Health Organization. This study was incredibly in-depth, and it tracked the physical activity of local people across the country. The findings showed that roughly 95% of Ugandan people were in good shape and sufficiently fit, which is great to see.

Will this continue into 2020?

It’s likely that we will continue to observe Uganda as being one of the fittest countries in the world as we move into 2020. Unless a sudden surge of fitspiration takes over other countries, it’s likely that Uganda will continue to foster a healthy community.

After all, one of the main reasons why Uganda is so healthy is that fitness is integrated into people’s daily routines, as this article points out. Many people have to commute a long way by foot or do a fair bit of manual labour at work, which is one of the main reasons why people in Uganda are in such great shape.

Manual work is an important part of fitness in Uganda. As there are less mechanized solutions to manual labour in areas such as agriculture, there is more manual work to be done. This encourages a higher level of fitness within the community.

According to Kate Huber at NJGamblingFun, who spent a semester abroad in Kampala in college, “Another reason why Ugandan people are in such great shape is that there’s a growing community of joggers. Nowadays, there are big groups of people heading out on almost a daily basis to go jogging. It’s a great source of cardio, and it’s also fantastic for socializing as it is helping to build a community.”

Generally speaking, Uganda is in fantastic shape- and we’re sure to see this continuing into 2020. This impressive level of fitness doesn’t mean that we won’t see other countries following suit, either. As we move further into the year, we’re sure to see more and more countries making waves in their own communities with fitness.

To sum up

It seems that the rest of the world has a lot to learn from Uganda. There are plenty of countries all around the world who don’t even come close to this country’s physical fitness.

There are so many physically fit and healthy people in the country, and it’s inspiring to see how active the community is. Whether it’s people staying active by commuting to work or getting involved with local sports and classes, there are so many Ugandan people who are in incredible physical shape.

It’ll be fascinating to see where the fitness industry goes in 2020. With introductions of products like CBD and unique lifestyles like veganism, we’re sure to see some incredible innovations in this world as the year progresses. This article shows how many great fitness gifts and tools are available on the market right now.

Looking for a source of the latest Ugandan news? Want to stay up to date on the developments and stories shaping our culture? Big Eye is the best place to head to for Ugandan news, pop culture and blogs. Take a look here to read more of our content- if you enjoyed this blog post then we think you’ll love the others.


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BigEye Money

Big-Hearted: Fortebet Commits 15m To Fighting Sickle Cell



Find out information about Coronavirus in Uganda. More here.

By Staff Writer

Fortebet, Uganda’s betting giant has continued to show its commitment to helping Ugandans live a better life. In this line, Fortebet has committed a whole 15 million shillings to fighting the deadly sickle cell disease.

This money was handed over to Raising Hope International Friends, an organisation that works hand-in-hand with the government of Uganda to fight the scourge. The money was handed over in two phases.

One, 10 million went to boosting the Jinja Sickle Cell Marathon 2020 that took place over the weekend. Another 5 million was handed over to the Sickle Cell clinic. “Available information indicates that 20,000 babies are born with sickle cell every year.

Unfortunately, due to inadequate treatment and care, 80% of them die before the age of 5. This is very worrying and is the main reason we came on board to save lives,” said John Nanyumba while handing over the cheque shortly after the Jinja marathon. Isaac

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