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Mathias Walukaga wanted out of residence over robbery raids.



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WalukagaMathias Walukaga, Uganda’s most prominent kadongo kamu artiste, is of late dancing to unfamiliar tunes as residents around his Masaka road home demanded immediate relocation from his swanky 3-bedroomed bungalow.

The residents claimed, the singer’s late night movements have attracted unfortunate tales in their once peaceful neighbourhood.┬áThe “bakoowu” singer retires home in the wee hours amidst loud music blurring atop a “tour truck”,disturbing the night’s peace.
They also pinned the singer’s caravan of fans for turning to robbery as they return late night taking advantage of the loud music.

“Tuli bakoowu!(we are fed up!) The robbers come along with Walukaga late night. They break into shops and homes”, Ronald, a chapatti seller poured his pain.
This is the plight of ” fed up” residents who are not amused by the perceived glamour of a next door celebrity. Abantu bakoowu,indeed!

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