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Mark Zuckeberg Recognises Bebe Cool




Moses Abeka

Mark Zuckerberg has recognized Ugandan celebrities for their efforts this drama filled week with the dreadlocked Gagamel King, topping the list.

BUT HOW?? For starters, in Uganda, individuals are the face of institutions. When government constructs a road, newspapers will report that Sevo has constructed a road.

In the same light, KCCA is Jennifer, Gagamel is Bebe and facebook is Mark Zuckerberg! Atleast to Ugandans! Mark has built walls called Facebook where people can write their problems, lie to the public at will.

To access space on these walls, all you need is a key and paddock(read password) Bebe has been writing things on Mark’s wall about a neighbour while the neighbour kept cool attracting attention of idle people who had nothing to scribble on their space.

Thousands gathered around Bebe some praising others insulting leaving Mark wondering, whatssup! He is Facebook’s man of the week! Since we love happiness, read through Bad Black’s update! Enjoy!

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